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September 18th, 2014

My daily habit is helping my clients and myself lose weight:) Guess what...IT'S EATING ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST! Raw, vegan, gluten free and dairy free "vice cream"! I've gotten such a beautiful response from all of the people that are in the FLOW that I thought I would share two of my FAVORITE "vice cream" recipes with you!    Remember BOTH of these recipes are organic, gluten free, dairy free and raw vegan!Whoever said vegans have nothing to eat should be punished. Possibly by being forced to watch us devour this masterpiece! RECIPE #1 Matcha, mint, wild jungle peanut butter "vice creme" with vegan cRead More >>

Its my anniversary!

September 8th, 2014

Today is a special anniversary for me:)Ten years ago I made a pact with myself on this very day to go raw vegan! I never looked back! At the age of 25, I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!The first eight years I stayed 100% raw. During the last two years I invited small amounts of cooked food in. I DON'T BELIEVE in labels! Not at all! I will say this. I feel best eating a 100% raw diet! It just works for me! It feels good! People tell me I look good and that I GLOW!Today I Read More >>

Update for all of you! Speaking my truth through the storm!

September 2nd, 2014

Hello everyone! I've missed you and have some news for all of you! I'm back! I've decided to create a longer news letter this week. My desire in doing so is to share some thoughts on a struggle I am currently going through along with some things that will benefit you such as a few yummy recipes and a video demonstrating a product I am LOVING! Enjoy! Be sure to leave me a comment or two and come follow me on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/andrea.l.cox2 The Struggle....Strength through the storm! Ive gone through a lot in my life. I learned about loss Read More >>

Strength through the storm!

September 1st, 2014

Ive gone through a lot in my life. I learned about loss at the age of ten when my father was killed in an accident. I learned about struggle watching my single mother work two jobs to keep food on our table. I learned about heartbreak and untruths and how they can take you from in love at one moment to having no respect for someone the next. But one thing I have never experienced until this moment is how deceitful and dishonest some people can really be and how the general public can fall for it in the blink ofRead More >>

Makeupless Monday

August 25th, 2014

By now you all know that Andrea left to film FOX's new show Utopia!  She just couldn't imagine leaving you without a make-up less Monday video:) Enjoy and remember... She only wants the very best for each and every one if you! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so that you can stay up to date with Andrea's experience in Utopia and we highly recommend you head over to UtopiaTv.com and "Get A Passport" to see behind the scenes footage of Andrea. We hope you have an amazing week. Team Andrea P.S. You can find updates of Andrea on her Facebook wall as well: Read More >>

Andrea is leaving for a year to film Utopia

August 23rd, 2014

Andrea wanted you to get this message before to leaves for an entire year.   We just found out that the show’s grand compound is in the Santa Clarita, California area.  She asked us to post this to her blog for you before she left.  She also wanted you to know that she loves you and she appreciates you for supporting her. "Hi there folks, by the time you see this, I'll be gone shooting Utopia with FOX. I have to admit that one of the most difficult things to deal with was sharing this with all of you :( All of you hRead More >>

What People are Saying

  • Rebecca M

    You are such a blessing to me! I found you on YouTube and after learning you were originally from The Dayton area, started listening to your teachings. My husband is a plastic surgeon in Cincinnati and I became so overweight I was embarrassed to go to the office. I bought a rebounder and have incorporated fruits and vegetables into my diet. I have lost twenty six pounds and will start a juice fast tomorrow. I thank you for the spiritual inspiration that you have been to so many of us seeking health and restoration. Your emails are filled with truth and wisdom.

  • Ana S.

    When I first met Andrea and she convinced me I need a cleanse just by seeing the whites of my eyes (they were a bit yellow), I thought "no way"! After completion of her 30 day program I knew I would be an "Andrea follower" for life! Thanks for giving me my youthful glow back Andrea, you rock!

  • Aadil H

    At 46 years I was not sure if I would live to see 50. I wore size XXL pants and could not tie my own shoes. I could walk only 20 steps at a time. Breathing was sometimes difficult. A doctor told me I would be dead in six months without stomach–reduction surgery! I turned down my doctor's advice, and instead decided to hire Andrea Cox and employ her time tested techniques to myself! Andrea taught me how to turn what I was eating into a lifestyle change and NOT a diet! Recognizing my dire health situation and need for aggressive weight loss with optimal therapeutic effects Andrea jumped right in and put her most extreme plan in place for excellence. The food program provided me with everything I needed for good health and gave me my life back! Today, I weigh 175 pounds. I enjoys biking 10 to 30 miles daily regardless of the weather. Thanks Andrea Cox!!!

  • Maryanna T.

    I decided to hire Andrea after meeting her in a local grocery store. I was amazed by the whites of her eyes, clear skin and vibrant attitude toward life! I thought to myself "I want that"! After our first guided super market tour at a local Whole Foods, I was hooked! Andrea's knowledge surpassed any expectation I could ever have had about food, cleansing, detoxification, food combining, and transitioning onto a more plant based way of eating! To this day I use her techniques when I feel a bit "out of body"! Andrea's cleanse is something I partake in once per year to get back to my "happy place". I truly don't know where I would be without her guidance and support.

  • Michael M.

    "My wife and I have been inspired by Andrea and her recipes to reintroduce juicing and cleansing back into our lives. We have gained greater vitality and I have even lost weight. I believe it to be more convenient and possibly cheaper on the wallet to juice, rather than not to. We play hard and we work hard and proper nutrition keeps us alert and gives us the energy we need to make it through a demanding 12-hour day without quick consumer fixes. Andrea's approach is a natural approach that I feel our bodies beg for, even crave. I find that when my wife and I incorporate Andrea's juicing recipes in our lives it allows us to optimize our challenging life. I recommend it to all."

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