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Is sex part of a healthy lifestyle? My top 7 tips for a healthy sex life!


I know what you are asking yourself right now! Why is this detox diva/celebrity raw vegan chef doing writing an article about sex? Just give us another juice recipe for lords sake! If any of you think for a moment that sex is not part of a healthy lifestyle you are wrong! VERY WRONG! Sex is just as important as getting in your daily fruits and vegetables! In many cases it may be more important than you think!

A fulfilling sex life built on the principles below have been proven to make us both happier and healthier! I for one fully embrace the following principles and am sharing them with you in hopes that it may shake things up in the bedroom!

 1) Foreplay does not begin in the bedroom! 

Ahh, Foreplay! Kissing, touching, loving, sucking, giggling and all of that stuff I/we LOVE! All of that is GREAT but did you know foreplay begins with courting? Yes! Courting! Planning a date night out with your lady, picking up flowers, doing something she likes…making it a night about her! When you do this men the bedroom time becomes about YOU! 

 Despite popular belief this one isn’t only directed towards men! Ladies our men have feelings too! If you are bitching at them and nagging them about every little thing chances are your love making time may have a bit of “trouble” getting started that night:) The words that we use with one another along with the way we make our partner FEEL prior to our first step in the bedroom is what REAL foreplay is all about!

2) Learning to be alone so you will be ready when your partner “shows up”!

 First of all let me clarify that when I say “showing up” I mean when you meet “the one” your “twin flame” your “soul mate”! You want to be ready..yes? In order to prepare yourself you must know what it feels like to be alone in EVERY capacity! When I was 18 years old I met a man who I spent ten years of my life with. After that relationship ended I spent seven years single and celibate! Those seven years were the most beautiful years of self discovery! I can say without a doubt that I would not be the woman I am today without that time! Spending time alone does not have to mean you aren’t dating. It just means you are a single woman or man who is not tossing himself/herself into anything serious or worthless! You are selective, you may even be celibate and you are spending a significant amount of time with friends, family and yourself! 


3) Men need to be able to feel vulnerable and appreciated! Women must feel cherished and honored! 

 Despite popular belief, in order for a man to FULLY open up to you in any capacity he MUST be able to become vulnerable in your presence! Creating that safe place for your man to be vulnerable is critical in order for them to embrace their sexuality completely! This also allows him to feel more comfortable around you. 

Appreciation is also a must, even with the little things he does. Recognize these things as little tokens of love he is giving to you. Reciprocate these tokens by letting him know you “see he is trying” and you appreciate it and him!

Now I could talk about us women for hours! We do require a lot and why in the hell did we not come wit a handbook? Dam it! :)

The truth is that all we really want is to feel like you honor and cherish us for the beautiful unique creatures we are! We desire to be courted. We desire to feel as if we are the only woman in the room when we are out with you. We desire to feel that you are so “into us” that you cannot keep from thinking of us throughout your day! Men, its your job in a relationship to SHOW US! Remember those little daily morning calls in the beginning? They need to keep going! Those flowers need to keep on coming and those foot rubs need to be weekly! Tell us we look beautiful! Make us feel just as you did when you were trying to get your hands on us in the beginning!

Look guys, When you stop doing the things you use to do, you stop getting the love you use to get! Enough said, that last line I just pulled out like a bunny out of a hat says it all!

4) Take great care of yourself so your confidence is boosted in the bedroom!

 Ladies you don’t need to have a body like Elle McPherson and men you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt (I’m not into him anyway). What you do need to do is to eat healthy and move your body daily! No one will ever love you if you don’t care enough about yourself to make the proper sacrifices to care for your body!

The after yoga glow is always nice to let your guy witness:) #selflove #selfcare #yoga #fitness

The after yoga glow is always nice to let your guy witness:) #selflove #selfcare #yoga #fitness

 5) Trust, loyalty and honesty have a LOT to do with your sex life!

 Got Trust? Look folks if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times! If you don’t have trust you don’t have anything! Just ask a man who cheated on his wife after they decide to stay together and work things out! I guarantee you he wasn’t getting laid anytime soon! Do I sound a bit harsh here? Good! I hope you remember this the next time you decide to sleep with the pool boy ladies! Yes, this goes along with you too! Women what so many of us fail to realize is men have feelings too! They can get hurt just as badly if not worse then we do! Your loyalty and honesty with your man MUST be just as strong as his is with you! This is how the two of you will be connecting, building and flowing for the rest of your lives!

 6) Self pleasuring! 

 I know, I know! It says something in the bible about this being a big “no no”! That being said I am a Christian woman! I’m also a Christian woman who self pleasures herself and would not have made it through the seven years of celibacy mentioned above without a little “roll in the hay” with myself! :)

  7) This isn’t all about you! 

 Remember there are two of you in the bedroom! Before getting pleased offer to please your partner! I ALWAYS do this when in a relationship! I find that when my partner is pleased he is better able to relax and do his job:)

 If you are reading this and know someone that can potentially benefit from this, please SHARE this! They will be thankful and so will I!:)

 Andrea L Cox

The Healthy Haven




Aloha from Hawaii! I’ve had a “moment of clarity” and would like to share what I have in store for you!


Hey there lovely! I’m sure you are doing FABULOUS drinking your green juice daily, getting yoga in and eating your big salads! I’m here in beautiful Diamond Head Hawaii staying in a gorgeous place on the beautiful blue ocean! I should feel FANTASTIC, right? Well, not exactly.

 You see, I’ve been here once before! I couldn’t walk or even talk at that time. I was in my mothers belly:) My father had brought her to the EXACT location I’m at! I’ve always wanted to visit and when given the opportunity, I jumped at the chance!

 Something has shifted in me since being here the last few days. Something I want to share with all of you. You see, many of you have been messaging me on social media asking “why I’m here”? It struck a cord in me, a wake up call, a “must change moment”!

 Although I love and value EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU that follows me on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I wondered why all of you were so curious about what brought me to this lovely place. This got me thinking about how much I share on social media and… as you know, I share A LOT! Sure you wanted to know! You wanted to know because I share just about EVERYTHING with you!

 I share photos, videos, detox and natural beauty tips along with other important things that help you create a healthier lifestyle. I also share personal photos, how I’m feeling and what has happened during my day! If I’m upset, you know about it before my own mother or boyfriend does!

 For some reason, since arriving in Hawaii this is beginning not to sit well with me any longer. At least what I’ve been sharing up until this point.

 I really feel torn here:( I feel torn because I’ve grown to love ALL of you on this mailing list and all of you that follow me via social media SO much that …well, you all are like family to me! You reach out to me when I am sad, help me with decisions and even send me beautiful art you create (some of you:)

 What I’ve decided to do is to start a membership portion to my website Now you will be able to catch up with me ALL of the time and see everything I do! In turn, I will feel like I still have my online support group/family!

 I’m even going to price it SUPER low the first week (like a buck) for all of you! After that it will go up. I just want all of you to have first dibs! 

 We are looking at 30 days from today at its launch! That being said….will y’all do me a favor? Would all of you go and mark your calendars for that date (30 days from today)! This way you can all hold me accountable for getting it done for you! You all have been SO very good to me! Now, its my turn to give back to you! I promise to have the content back there be EXCLUSIVE just for you!

 WHEW! Now that I’ve got that out of the way…i’m ready to share some of the beauty of this place with you!

 Here are the photos thus far!

My home away from home in beautiful Hawaii!

My home away from home in beautiful HawaiiI made it YAY! I found the Whole Foods!I made it YAY! I found the Whole Food Cheers to increased health and vitality Aloha style!Cheers to increased health and vitality Aloha style!Ahh! Time for a detox bath!

Found the gym!
Found the gym!     
Found the beach:)

Found the beach:)


YAY! I made a new friend to show me the ropes on where to find the freshest fruits and vegetables!!!

YAY! I made a new friend to show me the ropes on where to find the freshest fruits and vegetables!!!

7 tips to help you shake up your mundane routine!


Have you ever thought you were simply “existing” instead of living a TRULY fulfilled life? If you just said “YES”, you are NOT alone! I too have felt that way in the past.

 First things first:) When I say “existing” I am not saying you simply stay at home all day watching TV and eating ice-cream! I’m speaking about going through the motions of the same exact routine every day. Often without any happiness injected in to that rigid lifestyle!

 There are other factors that play into this as well! One of them being that you may even dislike one aspect of your life. This could be your job, where you live or even your exercise routine.

 I lived this life for far too long as a fitness model! I would NEVER go out due to the fact that the food being served was not on my “diet”! I ate 6 meals a day (yuck)! The meals often came when I wasn’t even hungry or before I had digested the prior meal! Once I moved to California the same mundane life continued! I wouldn’t go out on the weekends unless I was forced to. I would wake up every morning and go to the gym on an empty stomach even if I felt like having something healthy prior. My lifestyle had almost taken on a form of OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

 One day not to long ago it hit me! Life is passing me by and we are here for such a short length of time. I was ready to live! This was the same time I designed a meal plan and exercise routine that would fit into my lifestyle (My digital detox program on my website)! If I missed a workout or ate a few vegan chocolate brownies it was not a big deal at all! I would just get back on it the next day:) I also began living life again! I began enjoying myself on the weekends more and more! I began to do more yoga on MY terms! When I met my handsome boyfriend I began staying up until 3am almost every night giggling, playing and talking (not recommended, more than once per month). I’m still in recovery from that last one! What I’m trying to say here is that its important to take necessary steps to “move our cheese” so to speak! I like to use the words that my dear friend and yoga instructor Connie always said, “Do something different every day”!

 Here are my top seven tips to get out of the mundane rut you are currently in!

1) Do something that scares you at least once per month! I love this one! Last week I cut six inches off my hair! Granted I could practically sit on it but it was freeing as heck! This could be anything from horseback riding to sky diving! Just do it! 

 2) Do something different every day! Yep! As mentioned above this will knock you out of your comfort zone FAST! Try taking a different route home from work over the next few days and watch how it changes the rest of your day!

 3) Rotate the foods you eat! Studies have shown this to be highly affective in the treatment of food allergies! It could also possibly get you out to the farmers market or that new posh healthy restaurant in town experimenting with new foods!

 4) Call a friend and ask them for a day or night out doing something different than you usually do! This is always a fantastic means of support! Please choose wisely when picking someone to spend your time with.

 5) Skip a meal and treat yourself to the movies! Nothing gets your mind off of the job you simply cannot stand more than a good movie! Oh and by the way…If you can’t stand your job, QUIT! The Universe/God ALWAYS provides! This is above and beyond true when you begin doing what you love!

 6) Take up yoga! The breathing alone of a regular but not informed yoga practice will settle your mind and help you make the proper decisions for your highest good!

 7) Pray on it! Nothing compares to a good one on one with God to lay your burdens upon him. Studies show that people who pray daily have a lower stress level!

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this news letter! Enjoy the photos below of my lovely weekend in Mexico with my boyfriend and his son! Looking at these this morning brought tears to my eyes at how far I have come! Remember, you are never alone!

 I only want the very best for you!

My "man-pan-ion" always takes the most beautiful photos of me!

My “man-pan-ion” always takes the most beautiful photos of me!

Trying to keep my hands off him at a coffee shop:)

Trying to keep my hands off him at a coffee shop:)

Serenaded on Easter Sunday by a beautiful woman!

Serenaded on Easter Sunday by a beautiful woman!


I love this man with all of my heart!

I love this man with all of my heart!





My boyfriends son is the sweetest young man I have ever met.

My boyfriends son is the sweetest young man I have ever met.


When near the ocean one must utilize the salt water to create fabulous curls!

When near the ocean one must utilize the salt water to create fabulous curls!


Creating meals for my man is almost as good as eating as......? :)

Creating meals for my man is almost as good as eating as……? :


Are you helping your life become more beautiful? Healthy lifestyle tips!

Andrea lounging in Mexico eating one of her "nanna" salads! :)

Andrea lounging in Mexico eating one of her “nanna” salads! :)

I have a few questions for all of you….Please leave honest replies. Do you make an effort to create an even more beautiful fulfilled life than you already have?

When is the last time you dressed your salad with edible flowers? When was the last time you put on a little ylang ylang oil (or any essential oil) before you walked out of your front door? When is the last time you indulged in a piece of decadent dark chocolate (vegan-or not) cake with no guilt or shame? When was the last time you ate your lunch over looking the ocean? When was the last time you greeted your husband or boyfriend at the front door and gave him a 2 minute kiss while wearing next to nothing? When is the last time you created a four course meal for yourself, lit a candle said a prayer and indulged until satisfied? When was the last time you blew off work to treat yourself to a yoga class? When was the last time you took an hour walk in nature?

I ask you this because I do each and every one of these things EVERY DAY! I cannot remember a night when I didn’t eat a four course meal followed by a chocolate brownie, slice of vegan cake etc! I can count a million times when I’ve turned my car around to hit the grocery store a second time because I left the edible flowers there! I’ve been known to carry my essential oils in my car! I’m an entrepreneur just so I can go to yoga whenever I please~!!! YES! Those are my legs eating my big beautiful fruit filled salad in front of the ocean!

Life is SO very short! It is also SO very precious! I intend to do EVERYTHING in my power to enjoy every last delicious bite! More importantly, I intend on making my life & everything I touch BEAUTIFUL and filled with SO MUCH LOVE!!!



Greens with fresh avocado dill mustard dressing!

Whipped up a Lil late night din din for the “man-pan-ion”smile emoticon I took all his favorites (dill, mustard, avocado) made them into a dressing and baked him a loaded sweet tater:) He only had one bite of the chocolate vegan mouse pie.

I adore having a man in my life who recognizes the importance of a plant based diet!

Dressing serves 4 or 1 very hungry person:)

1 ripe avocado

1 bunch fresh dill stems included

1 container West brae salt free mustard

1 pitted date

2 TB nutritional yeast (optional but loaded with B vitamins)

3 TB hemp seeds

Blend all ingredients in vita mix or blender. Pour over fresh organic preferably local greens and devour!

Spicy dill avocado mustard omega 3 dressing over fresh garden greens by celebrity chef Andrea Cox

Spicy dill avocado mustard omega 3 dressing over fresh garden greens by celebrity chef Andrea Cox

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