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The struggle I’ve always been too embarrassed to share.

Why I keep my food so simple/My struggle with OCD

Several years ago, after high school people around me noticed a strive for perfection that seemed to be deeply rooted within me. They also noticed a “routine” that as long as it was in place kept me happy because my goals were being reached at incredible speed. 

When I was 22 this was diagnosed as “OCD” or obsessive compulsive dissorder. My “illness” was surrounding diet and exercise. I always kept this as a secret. My significant other at the time knew and supported my decision to avoid medication in order to “keep it in check”.

Eventually this became an eating disorder called binge/bulimia. At my sickest I was 90 pounds. Instead of seeking help from a place that would feed me crap food and put me on drugs, I chose to educate myself on living foods, juicing and fasting in order to crush my addictive behaviors. I traveled around to meet very well known pioneers in the health industry. While others were going out drinking, I was barricading myself in my home reading, learning and studying the art of detoxification on a cellular level.

I did this all on my own, with God by my side. It took me almost a decade to be in the position I am today. I’m not perfect by any means. I still struggle every once in a while as we all do.

I will say that part of my healing process was to learn to keep my food very simple and very clean! This has a biochemical effect on the body and keeps my triggers at bay. Staying on an early to rise and early to bed routine during the week also has helped me tremendously. Recently, I’ve let this routine go and have noticed a significant difference in my “rituals” and mood. It is up to me to get it back on track but also to not stay so rigid that it causes me to fall back into my OCD habits.

The biggest struggle I’ve had is to actually come out with this in public. I was always scared that people wouldn’t love and accept me any longer. You really learn who your true friends are and who the people are that love you when you admit to having such an issue. 

About a year ago, I dated a man with the same struggle. He brought me face to face with my own illness and that was a very sobering moment in how far I had come.

I’m feeling grateful today for the people in my life and the struggle I have undergone. Those who accept me know that this has meant the world to me. Those who choose to not accept me for my faults and unique way of dealing with them have more work to do on their own journey. For those who have been supportive, especially my mother…I thank you for accepting me, ALL of me and the best part of my soul. ♡♡♡

On a side note I would like to wish my mother (a true saint) Bonnie Cox a very happy birthday today! I love you mom and would be nothing without your caring kind heart!


The art of listening to your body!



Last night I had a “slight slip up”:( It wouldn’t be cool of me to not share it with all of you. My desire from this post is that you see that no one is perfect! Not even me. 
I had gone to sleep very late the night prior and had not stuck to my eating schedule over the weekend. Long story short…I didn’t tune into my body yesterday as a result.

I ate way too late and I wasn’t hungry when I did take in! Please allow this to be a lesson for you to never take in when the body is kicking ass and feeling great! Always stick to somewhat of a schedule with your eating so that you know your “hunger times”. The meal didn’t serve me what so ever! In fact it kept me up the entire night and feeling like poo today:( It’s green juice for this detox Queen until at least 2pm today!

Something else that was suggested to me by my loving man~pan~ion was to book a yoga class if 5pm rolls around and I’m simply NOT feeling dinner! What a fabulous idea! I would love to hear your solutions to your struggle when you “tune out” instead of tuning in! Let me know in the comments below.

Remember, I love you and only want the very best for you♡♡♡ Andrea

7 reasons I prefer to make my own food!

7 reasons I prefer to make my own food!

1) I prefer to know the source of my produce!
The fact is that the vast majority of restaurants do not sourse genetically modified foods and yes, organic foods! Since I am vegan I won’t even touch on where a huge portion of the restaurant meat is coming from!

2) Its expression of creativity!
I consider my food to be “edible art”! I absolutely LOVE creating beautiful living food to nurture my body with!

3) Its faster!
This meal took me 3 minutes to assemble! Did I mention I followed it with vegan homemade cookies that I whipped up this morning? 

4) Preparing my own food allows me to tune into my body more!
When I prepare my own food I can really tune into what my bodies needs and desires are instead of being limited to a menu!

5) All my friends eat sunshine too:)
The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of my girlfriends also prepare their own food 90% of the time! We call ourselves “sunshine warriors”! We know that food is mood and that in order to FEEL good we must eat good too!

6) It saves money!
If I spend $150 at the farmers market or grocery store I know that my food will last the entire week! Thats way more bang for your buck than dining out on a consistent basis!

7) I get joy out of creating living creates for friends and family!
It’s true…nothing makes me happier than creating a meal that I know without a doubt will nourish my loved ones from the inside out!


Lets face it troop! We cannot be too careful these days! Have you ever looked at the amount of salt that is in a restaurant meal? Are you lactose intolerant? I guarantee you the foods you are eating not only contain gluten AKA GLUE, but also have traces of dairy and are cooked in fats that should NEVER be heated! Educate yourselves and get to town in that big beautiful kitchen you just remodeled! Or your college dormitory:) Both will work!

 Use this recipe to rid your body of excess water weight! 

View the recipe at the link above!

View the recipe at the link above!

Todays brunch fit for this raw vegan Queen! Spinach salad with heirloom tomatoes, pineapple and my “cashew curry tofu” that is soy free!!! I grew the sunflower sprouts myself! Try making your own food and watch how your wallet, waist size and mood improves!

Cashew curry salad!

Cashew curry salad!

How to get rid of water retention fast! Try this juice recipe!Cashew curry salad!

To enjoy the journey is to find peace!

Today and everyday I am choosing to “enjoy the journey”! This was said to me years ago by my mentor while I was in the depths of my detoxification process as I healed my body on living foods. I can remember calling him in tears asking when “this will end”? When will the old stuff stop coming up? Why was my mind cleansing even more than my physical body? How can I possibly move through so much pain at once?

I’ll never forget his words to me. He said Andrea… what good is the journey if we are not enjoying our walk down the path along the way”? That was the very first moment I began to “relax” into what is in order to allow what was to come.

Its been quite a long road and the road has had many bumps along the way. The one thing I’ve learned beyond all others is that if we don’t allow the pain to come up and FEEL through it, we will never allow for the sunshine and rainbows to come through. 

Today, I encourage each and every one of you to FEEL through your pain! Love yourself along the journey and to allow everything that is meant to flow into and out of your life to do so. I promise you that any pain you are feeling now will soon be replaced with some of the most beautiful sun filled days of your life.

I love you and believe in you! Have the BEST week ever! 


Hiking in Mexico with the love of my life:)

Hiking in Mexico with the love of my life:)

Five tips to have your BEST day ever!

Hi there beautiful!

WOW! What a powerful love and fun filled week! I’ll be sending you my “week in review” along with an AMAZING recipe for vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tomorrow! Until then I wanted to share with all of you why today was one of the absolute BEST days of my life!!!

Last week my loving sweetheart of a man AKA “the man-pan-ion” went dirt bike riding with his son and friends out in Mexico! Apparently they were taken to this stunningly beautiful meadow that he thought would be perfect for us to hike at! Today he woke me early to take me there. He even made my “special coffee mixture” for my coffee enema:) Now thats a man no detox Queen could ever resist!  

Somehow he managed to talk me out of my morning exercise routine (a first)! Apparently he knew we would get lost and end up walking for well over two hours:) To be honest with you, I was happy we did “lose our vehicle”! It was honestly the most stunning place I’ve ever been! 


Prior to leaving I made sure to pack plenty of lemon water with one of my favorite essential oil drops inside! I also slathered a mixture of coconut oil mixed with lavender essential oil all over my body so I wouldn’t get eaten by mosquitoes. They both worked like a charm! I also packed plenty of green juice and a few bananas! Although the “nannas” got mushed, I was glad I took them:)


After our hike we stopped for fresh coconuts and then had a couples massage♡♡♡ We then headed home for my loves favorite pastime, watching the sun set over the ocean off of the deck! I love the effort he is putting forth everyday to be the absolute BEST partner he can be! nl7

This day was extremely special to me! To be honest, the entire weekend was! My favorite moment was when we were walking to get our massages. My shoe came un tied. As he squatted down to tie it my heart filled with more love than I’ve ever felt for another. I love this life, I love this man and I love the possibilities♡♡♡

I have to say that leaving our cell phones OFF was a HUGE plus! Although we did stop to take a few photos, both of us together & of the beauty of nature in its entirety! Having a cell phone free day to “just be”!   

Stunning veiw!

Stunning veiw!








1) Start the day with prayer and or meditation!

When is the last time you woke up and before you opened your eyes you said a prayer? Meditated lately? I know these two things may seem like they’ve been beaten into us by a sledge hammer but they actually have been proven to be HIGHLY effective in relieving stress! For me, yoga is like a moving meditation! I also think that having one on one conversations with God will never grow old!

2) Move your body!

Move it or lose it! Turns out this is true! The more you move, the more you will be in touch with your body, your muscles and your spirit! Not only is moving the body great for the lymphatic system but its also STELLAR for the mind! Hows that for a BEST day ever BONUS! nl1

3) Alkaline your system with fresh pressed vegetable juice!

There is no better way to alkaline the body than to feed it fresh pressed juice! It goes into the blood stream within 15 minutes! Tell that to your smoothie friends!

4) Get out in nature!

Fresh air really is the best remedy for anything! The air I breathed in today filled my lungs with SO MUCH JOY! With the constant bombardment of smog and pollution try your very best to find a place to run, hike or walk with clean air! You’ll be glad you did!



5) Leave your cell phone, social media and computer behind!

Yes, yes and yes! Please trust me on this one! You’ll be SO happy you did!

Stunning veiw!

Stunning veiw!


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