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The most AMAZING RAW, VEGAN, NO FUSS & NO BAKE expresso chocolate brownies

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Raw vegan chocolate brownies

Raw vegan chocolate brownies

 These are to die for! They are gluten free, dairy free and take less than 10 minutes to make! This recipe came about once I discovered my beloved expresso brownie at my favorite organic grocery contained canola oil:( Sigh 
I promise you these will be the most decadent moist, divine brownie you will ever eat! They are packed with a unique chocolate espresso flavor! Hey…You ready?! Did I mention they don’t cause cellulite?!
Serves: ~ 10-20 people or one VERY hungry girl who is in her pre menstrual phase or pregnant:) Just kidding!
  • 1 cups raw walnuts, divided
  • 1/3 Cup chopped walnuts
2 – 2 1/2 cups Medjool or Deglet Nour dates, pitted
  • 3/4 cup cocoa powder 
  • 1-2 TB espresso powder or finely ground ORGANIC coffee (depending on preference)
  • pinch sea salt
  • a pinch of cinnamon 
  • a tiny piece of vanilla bean or 1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips
  1. First, sprout your nuts by soaking them over night then draining the soak water in the morning! Then, place 1 cup walnuts in the food processor and process until finely ground.
  2. Add the cocoa powder, espresso powder and sea salt. Pulse to combine and then transfer to bowl and set aside.
  3. PIT YOUR DATES! Then, add the dates to the food processor and process until small bits remain. Remove from bowl and set aside.
  4. Add nut and cocoa mixture back into food processor and while processing, drop small handfuls of the date pieces down into the food processor spout. Process until a dough consistency is achieved, adding more dates if the mixture does not hold together when squeezed in your hand. Fold in the chocolate chips!
  5. Add the brownie mixture to a small cake pan or loaf pan (I like to lightly dust my pan with coconut sugar first to avoid sticking)! Then add remaining 1/3 cup of chopped walnuts. Toss to combine and evenly distribute, and then press down with you hands until it is flat and firm.
  6. Place in freezer or fridge to chill before cutting. Store in an airtight container to keep fresh. Will keep in the fridge for at least 2 1/2 weeks and in the freezer for at least 2 months.

The meaning of Christmas. Let us not forget!

Ive been feeling heavy in the heart the past few weeks. Christmas has always been a time that my mother made our home so cozy and inviting! Every year she would climb up in the attic and pull down our frosted tree! She would spend all night fussing with the lights and hanging the ornaments! My sisters and I would sit on the couch giggling and poking fun at her:) Everything she did from the cooking to the decorations down to the mistletoe that was hung in the doorway as you entered our home from the garage was all done for us girls. I’m not even sure my mother liked christmas. I know she loathed the shopping malls and shopping centers at that time of year. Yet she would always make this HUGE deal about decorating the entire house!

One year I had fallen in love with a baby called “real baby”! Every time I saw the commercial I would get all excited! “Real baby” came with a name book and you got to pick the name and she even cried! I didn’t ask for the baby that year. It was a tough year for us. My father had been killed in a car accident and I knew my mother was struggling being a single parent long before that. To be honest I’m not sure how she ever did it day in and day out. Year after year. Raising three girls alone is not an easy task. Though my grandmother helped when she was able, my mother did it all on her own.

On Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one gift. I shook every gift under the tree but none were heavy enough to be “real baby”. The next morning after opening my last present I realized there would be no real baby. I was perfectly fine with that. Somehow knowing that my mother worked two jobs to keep food on the table for my sisters and I made me appreciate EVERY gift I got.

About an hour later I heard my mom call me from her bedroom “Hey Andrea Santa left you one more gift”! I ran in there and saw my mom take out the box from her closet. She said “she was to pretty to wrap”. I cried, hugged my mom and almost passed out from all the excitement. I knew what my mom had went through to by me that doll as they were not cheap. I named the doll “Quintina Elisabeth Lauren Cox” I had quite the imagination and the baby name book she came with made it hard to decide:)

I still have that doll. I still look at her from time to time knowing that she represents a constant struggle that my mother went through to put food on the table. To try to make our lives a little more “normal” (whatever normal is). And to always make sure we fit in with the kids that had way more than we did. My mom bought me that doll because she worked a lot and I’m sure she felt guilt over that. She bought that doll because she knew I wanted it without me saying a word. She bought me that doll to show me she cared and knew all that I needed and wanted!

I pray this helps you as you go about your Holiday shopping. I hope it helps you to realize that children have a keen sense of what you as parents are going through. They know when times are tough and when they are good. To them the biggest gift you can give is your love and time. 

Blessings to you this Holiday season!

Love to you all! 

Andrea L Cox

Christmas mantle

Christmas mantle

Its that time of year again! The best gift to give yourself!

Ahhh! Its that time of year again! I’m so excited to offer this to you!

When 2014 rolled around I set a goal to help a minimum of fifty clients one on one! I was seeking to help serious people who had a health issue or needed to lose a significant amount of weight. These private clients were not to be part of my retreats. They are people who could not spare the time away from home to attend one of my retreats. 

I’m happy to say I’ve helped forty of those fifty! This is why I’ve chosen to take on ten new private clients during the month of January to get you in the most incredible shape of your lives!

During this time, I’m going to show you one on one how to first cleanse and detoxify your body on a cellular level! Then the focus shifts onto how to keep it clean while removing excess weight and toxicity FOR GOOD! The majority of my clients lose anywhere from ten to twenty pounds during this phase! The beautiful thing is, you are eating the entire time abundantly! This by NO MEANS is a diet! It is a life style change!

The experience…We will begin with a one on one Skype consultation where I listen and asses your current needs, goals and desires. After that you will get a program that I design exclusively for you! We will then be speaking daily on the phone or via Skype for a period of thirty days in order to keep you on track! You will also get exclusive access to my private membership site prior to it being open to the public! 

This will go fast…so if you message me (here on Facebook or at the address below) and I don’t respond, that only means all ten spots have been filled. You are more than welcome to private message me at a later date if that happens, and if you are EXTREMELY interested…I may be able to fit 1 or 2 more of you in.

If you are reading this and know someone that can potentially benefit from this, please SHARE this! They will be thankful and so will I!:)

Lets make 2015 your sexiest, healthiest year ever! With me holding your hand the entire way…you simply cannot fail!

e-mail at for your free 15 minute phone consultpretty

Five tips to save you time and money!


Its never to late to get started on a healthier way of eating! The number one complaint I hear from people is “I don’t have the time to make healthy dishes and juices Andrea”!


Here are my top five tips to save you both time and money when you transition to a plant based more raw way of life!


Tip #1 Buy in bulk!

This really is a no brainer! How many times have you been craving a big avocado salad but you ate that avocado last night:( Don’t be a victim of not over shopping a bit and buying in bulk! Lets face it…you will be eating more than just three bananas in a week! Buy in bulk folks!


Tip#2 Shop the farmers markets

If you truly want to get more bang for your buck then shop the local farmers markets for the best deals! 


BONUS TIP! Go there when they are about to close and you will get amazing deals on fresh produce!


Tip #3 Get creative! Some of my most satisfying relishes meals are born from my own creativity! Check out the recipe below! That took me all of five minutes and only four ingredients! Simple always wins the prize!


Tip #4 Take one day a week to prep your food!

For me Sunday is the day i hit the markets and prep my food! I even clean my fridge! Its a day of preparation so I can be sure and be prepared to save time throughout the week!


Tip #5 Make your juices and freeze them!

Yep I said it…freeze them! I once did this for a Tony award winning client who had to take an over night trip out of the Country! He was able to thaw his juices out on the plane! Sure they lose a little enzymes but not near as many as you would think! You still have a fresh juice!


I hope these tips have helped you save money and time throughout this busy Holiday season! Here is a look at what I just created for “brunch”! 


Persimmon date salad!

 Persimmon salad

1 ripe persimmon

3 Cups spinach 

3 dates chopped

1 handful of dulse 


Directions: Place spinach in a bowl break open the persimmon on top and place the chopped dates into the bowl. End this sweet salad with a little bit of natural saltiness by adding the dulse in! Enjoy without shame or guilt!

Two amazing men, one common problem!

Two amazing men…one common problem!
In the past month I have began dating again. Ahh yes…dating! That exciting term that means “getting out”, meeting new people…mate searching:) I’ve went out with three potential “suiters” and among the three two I have been EXTREMELY drawn to! Let me just say that me being “EXTREMELY” drawn to anyone does not happen often…if ever!
So why am I writing this…whats with the title? Whats the “common problem” Both suiters share? They are both utilizing anti depressants.
Before I get started on WHAT I feel is a major problem with anti depressants let me say that I speak from experience. Everyone knows that these drugs are VERY common! Everyone knows that if you go to your doctor with anything from feeling down to a missed menstrual cycle you will be handed a script for one of these drugs! Its now become VERY common to hand these out like candy on Halloween!
Before I get started, let me share with you my experience a decade ago with pharmaceuticals…
When I was twenty two years old, I went in to see my gynecologist for missing a few menstrual cycles. During my visit he asked me if “I was sad”…not really I answered. He then told me my being under weight was the cause of my missed cycles and handed me a script for zoloft, a common SSRI! I was twenty two, not the health nut I am today and listened to him because of his white lab coat and “Dr” title.
Over the next year I took that drug. I “existed” through life with a cloudy haze over my eyes! I gained 36 pounds (common with SSRI’s)! I lost my libido and my relationship that I was in suffered. At the end of that year I decided to wing myself off of the drug. To my surprise it was the most difficult battle I ever fought! It made my eating disorder that followed a walk in the park!
Flash forward to three weeks ago. I was speaking to one potential suitor on the phone that shared with me he is using an anti depressant called Wellbutrin. My heart instantly sank! This man is BRILLIANT! Brilliant, creative and such a heart centered man! I found myself instantly going into a rant of pure “you know better” frustration with him (not my style). By the end of the conversation I had calmed down enough to get through to him. He said “Andrea, I think I’m going to get myself off of this stuff”. His decision…a brilliant one. I wished him well.
On to last week…I felt drawn to a friend of a friends….a man who ironically I was going to car pool with from out of town over the thanksgiving Holliday. Its not often that I feel a cosmic pull to a complete stranger after a few long phone calls. Its not common I entertain a date with someone I’ve never met. I did and there we were sitting on my sofa after he extended his stay in California to meet me. 
It was difficult to contain myself with this one…another BRILLIANT man and a man who had the ability to make me laugh non stop! This one was a rare gem and I felt pulled towards him even more after meeting him face to face. Then he said it….those words, he asked the question “so what do you think about anti depressants”? I suddenly felt my heart fall on my travertine floor and shatter into a thousand little pieces! I immediately thought….I cannot imagine how brilliant and hilarious this man is off of his meds! He may have even scored on the first date! A first that would have been!
Should I tell him I see it as a weakness…a cowardly way out of feeling your TRUE authentic feelings? Should I tell him it is potentially killing his libido? Should I share my story with him? 
I said my peace and let it go, knowing the person I will end up with will never entertain a pharmaceutical crutch.
The bottom line is I could write about the negative effects…I could tell you that doctors are paid by the drug companies to hand these medications out! I could tell you that An analysis of clinical trials in patients under age 18 found that SSRIs raised the risk of suicidal thinking when compared with a placebo. There have been MANY studies like this! Although results vary, there is a consistent trend. When compared with a placebo, all antidepressants, including SSRIs, seem to double the risk of suicidal thinking, from 1%–2% to 2%–4%, in both children and adults. (Study found and quoted via
In October 2004, after much hesitation and pressure from parents and Congress, the FDA issued a Black Box Warning for physicians and pharmacists — its strongest available measure short of withdrawing a drug from the market. The warning was placed in all package inserts for all antidepressants. It mentions the risk of suicidal thoughts, hostility, and agitation in children and adults, specifically citing statistical analyses of clinical trials. The FDA has also issued a public advisory to parents, physicians, and pharmacists! Yet, people pop these like candy! 
I’m not a doctor….I don’t claim to be the know all of health! I do know this however…..To feel…to truly feel love, heart ache, loss and pain is a part of life! If we attempt to stuff those feelings down with a pill, drugs, alcohol or food, we are not truly living life! All the joys of living, the beautiful parts will be hazed over with a drug induced coma of cloudy thinking and mental obscurity of what life can truly be!
I choose to be present…in this moment! I choose to feel pain, happiness, sadness, excitement and sorrow with my WHOLE body and every fiber of my being! Most of all I choose to share those moments with someone who is feeling his vibrations fully as well!
I Love you and remember…I only want the best for you!


My weight loss journey! How I used my own program to lose 40 pounds!

Okay I don’t want to boast but it’s been almost two years since I broke my foot, went through a break up and had to move twice! 

It was an EXTREMELY stressful time for me and without any change in my diet, my cortisol levels went up and I gained forty pounds!

Apparently fifteen of those pounds were desperately needed! I had not had a menstrual cycle in almost 7 years from being too lean!

Fast forward to today in the gym! I took off twenty two of the forty pounds I gained And feel fantastic! My menstruation is regular and my body is in harmonic balance. 

I’m mentally, hormonally and physically in the absolute best shape of my life! All of that worrying and it was really God doing his work on me to create a balanced body♡♡♡

Feeling grateful for my Digital detox program that got me back to feeling my very best!

weight loss journey

weight loss journey

Five ways to an AMAZING sex life!

Veganism is more than a diet its a lifestyle choice. A vegan does not eat anything that is of animal origin, nor will they use animal-based products for clothing, or any other purpose. People may choose veganism for ethical reasons involving animal rights, for environmental factors, or for better health. A huge segment of the population has already transitioned to this healthy more conscious way of living! I suspect that as more and more information is leeched out about the devastating ways factory farms treat animals along with the absolute filthy environments of these poor animals living conditions more and more people will transition onto a vegan way of life!

Perhaps those numbers will increase, as it becomes common knowlege that we vegans also have better sex than our carnivorous flesh eating friends.Here are the top five reasons below!

1) Vegans really do taste better! Going on a vegan diet can actually make you physically taste appetizing to your partner — without adding any chemicals or harsh perfumes that most vegans would never touch anyway! We simply do not ingest dead decomposing animals! Therefore our bodily fluids reflect that! A vegan diet changes the body’s overall chemistry. Therefore,we simply smell (and taste) much sweeter. Need more proof? Check out this study done in 2006 published in the journal Chemical Senses found body odor when on a non-meat diet was judged as significantly more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense than meat-eaters. The findings highlight that red meat consumption has a negative impact on perceived body odor. Smelling good can lure your partner closer to you for some one-on-one time behind closed doors.

2) Vegans absorb their zink and B vitamin better when they eat the proper ratio of live foods! Several researchers have found that certain foods cause a chemical reaction in the body that increases the libido in both males and females. Foods with large levels of zinc and vitamin B vitamins are said to elevate testosterone levels and boost sexual desire. Many common vegan foods that are rich in zinc and vitamin B are: avocado, basil, figs, pine nuts, almonds, asparagus, celery, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, nutritional yeast and bananas. The fact that we are able to BETTER digest these foods compared to cooked dead animal flesh is a given that we absorb these nutrients better!

3) More stamina and energy! Even meat eaters who were once vegans will attest to this one fact! Vegans simply have more energy and more stamina! Both in and out of the bedroom! Many people immediately notice both changes on the treadmill and in the bedroom after transitioning onto a plant based diet! have noticed the energetic changes in their bedrooms and relationships.

4) GLOWING Skin! I can always tell when one of my clients has went back over into the “dead zone” AKA the zone of eating dairy or animal foods. Their skin simply has lost its glow, luster or is broken out like a teenage boys back who has been on the wrestling mat! No matter how many ways you try to talk yourself out of it, a vegan diet is the only way to a completion that GLOWS! Lets face it…glowing youthful skin is VERY appealing to the opposite sex!

5) A deeper love for the animal kingdom leads to a deeper love of all man kind! I’ve actually witnessed this first hand! I’ll meet a man, we develop a relationship. He takes an avid interest in my vegan lifestyle and before you know it he is a plant based eater! The second we part or he deviates from his way of eating, anxiety, depression anger all creep in and he is back to square one! A man and a woman’s deep affectionate nature towards ALL animals (not just dogs or cats) is deeply related to how they treat the people who surround them including their partner! Vegans simply are the most compassionate, sensual loving people on this planet!

Ultimately, your diet is a major factor in determining your sex drive and sexual appeal to others! Choose your food and your partners wisely! GO VEGAN!

Fresh fig kisses! Andrea L Cox

Go vegan for an AMAZING sex life!

Go vegan for an AMAZING sex life!

One year after they told me I would never do yoga again!

Today is an anniversary of victory for me! You see, one year ago I could not stand on this leg you see me balancing on! One year ago I could not walk or drive myself anywhere! One year ago I was told I would never be able to run again or practice yoga!

I didn’t listen when they told me I would need surgery! Instead I went on an eleven day water fast. I allowed my body to rest and fed it the BEST of foods and fresh juices! I gained the weight I needed to gain. I retrained my foot to walk again.

Balancing on the foot they never said I would use again!

Balancing on the foot they never said I would use again!

My posture is not perfect….my balance a little off but you better believe that I learned a valuable lesson, NEVER let anyone tell you what you will not do!

7 day juicy cleanse!

Twenty seven beautiful people are “breaking their fast” today in my private juice cleanse group! Want to join us for the next one starting just a week after Thanksgiving?

Below raw vegan coconut turmeric wraps stuffed with local greens, sprouts and sundries tomatoes! Followed by a raw vegan carob chocolate brownie with young thai coconut “yogurt”! Gluten free, dairy free, raw and vegan! Made with SO much love!!!

Here is the link to my 7day Juicy cleanse >>>

Andrea Cox's raw vegan turmeric coconut wrap stuffed with local greens!

Andrea Cox’s raw vegan turmeric coconut wrap stuffed with local greens!

Five tips to shop healthy at the grocery store!

Have you ever felt completely lost along your health journey when shopping in a grocery store? Ever feel like you just want to throw in the towel with so many choices? Guess what…its okay! I’ve been there too! I’m here to play super woman for you and take the guess work out of your shopping trip!

Here are my top five tips on how to shop healthy!

1) Do you have to hit the store? Look folks now days there are a plethora of farmers markets out there! You really do have all the options you need at your local outdoor market! Go online and find one near you!

2) Shop the perimeter of the store! Yep! This age old tip still stands true! Stay away from the canned, packaged processed items in the center isles and you will be good to go!

3) YES! Buying local and organic is a must! With our government allowing Genetically modified foods in our stores to go unlabeled its important now more than ever to buy organic! When we buy organic and from local growers we can rest assured the food is not sprayed and has literally just come from the farm if it says “local”!

4) GO VEGAN! Want to really trim your waistline and your wallet? Go vegan! Meats and dairy often come from factory farms and are filled with hormones that are not fit for human consumption! When I first went vegan I dropped a whopping thirty pounds! Thats right! Vegan is where its at!

5) Measure out your sweet treats such as organic dark chocolate! These foods are perfectly healthy and completely allowed daily on my program! The trick is to limit them! Try measuring out 2-3oz baggies of organic dark chocolate like I did below!

I know you will put the tips you’ve learned above to good use! If you still are not getting the results you want its not to late to join our seven day juicy cleanse below! Here is the link >>>
Getting ready to get my shopping on at my favorite market!choc

On my way to the farmers market:)

On my way to the farmers market:)

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