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Lose weight fast through a one on one cleanse!

I have a huge announcement to make!

Its become VERY clear to me that my one on one VIP clients are occupying 90% of my work time! This is WONDERFUL and I’m over joyed with this! In the past three months I have detoxed nine separate clients one on one! These clients have flown in from as far away as London, Japan, Australia and Vancouver! This is a HUGE sign to me that not only is my business growing but that I must scale back my group retreats to just three times per year!

I’m officially launching a VIP one on one or couples retreat for a private five day cleanse! I can travel to you or you can come to me! If you choose to come to me I have three private locations for you to choose from! Hawaii, San Diego or Mexico.

If you are ready to completely transform your life than this is for you! During your journey with me I will be cleansing your physical body, as well as your emotional body. We will work together to clean up things in your life that are ready to be let go of while transforming them into something beautiful! Morning meditation, colon cleansing, ocean front yoga, detox and raw living food classes, breath work, lymphatic movement, business and life coaching are all included!

This will book up fast! Send me a private email at I will send you back a brief questionnaire to see if we are a good fit!

If you know someone who you feel can benefit from this share this post! They will be forever grateful and so will I:)

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Five reasons you should workout everyday!

Andrea Cox fitness model

Andrea Cox fitness model

I woke at 4:30am to get my “business” done! It feels SO incredibly good to have released that fifteen pounds I had been holding onto since breaking my foot!

I’ve been waking earlier and earlier each day! It’s workout time now, YAY! In order to keep that lymph moving we MUST move every day!

Here are five reasons to move your body every day!

1) The lymphatic system controls water in the body! It only flushes itself when you move it!

2) Moving the body is excellent for your cardiovascular system! Its a heart healthy way to take care of yourself!

3) Improved mood! Feeling down? MOVE!

4) Sweat! Our skin is the largest organ of the body! Unless you have a sauna you must MOVE in order to get that sweat on!

5) You will look better! Lets face it when we look better we feel better!

Now get up and move that body EVERY DAY! Preferably in the morning on an empty stomach then once more before dinner!

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One of my ALL time FAVORITE exersizes is the lunge! Not only does it work your butt and thighs but it also gets your heart rate up during and after a few sets. Be sure and keep your form right:)

Andrea Cox lunges

Andrea Cox lunges

Things we all deserve in this lifetime! A letter I wrote to myself when I was twenty-two. Complete with extra cherries on top of your banana split:)

 I’ve always had the gift of being able to write. When I was in third grade we had an assignment to create a book about all of the things we loved in life. We were given one week to complete this task. Mine was finished within a few hours. When I turned it into my sweet fifty something year old teacher she cried. I had no idea what I had done wrong. She called my mother in the next day as she shared my book with the rest of the class. “Beautiful, just beautiful” she said. I remember her clearly saying, “Andrea has a gift of expressing herself…let it grow”.

While cleaning out my office yesterday I came across a box of letters I wrote to myself at age twenty-two. I was five years into a relationship that would end up lasting another five years. Yet I still felt alone. 

I believe that during times when our faith is tested beyond what we can see an end to is where we grow the most in love and in strength. Times that challenge us are where we find within our souls our true calling in life and often that one person who we are to share our lives with is manifested. I was not writing the letter below only to myself…I was writing it energetically to my soul mate that I had yet to meet.

 Why am I sharing this letter with you? It makes me feel sad that so many women come to me with “eating and weight challenges” that have nothing to do with food! Once I dig deeper I see the real issue…they feel “loveless”. They are not “filled up” with love from their partners. They feel ignored, invisible and often as if they cannot live up to what their partner needs or desires. They have been in a relationship for one year, two years, five years without a ring and sometimes without even a commitment from their partner. They lack romance and don’t know how to create it with their mate.  

Because of this, I share with you this letter below! Let it be a reminder to never settle for someone who doesn’t recognize the heart he is holding when you stand before him. You deserve a man who reminds you every day of how much you mean to him. You my beautiful friend….YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING!

The letter is below has traveled with me from Ohio to California! It has ended two engagements and rightfully so. In simple terms, I know what I deserve and will never ever settle for less.

Dear Andrea,
You deserve SO much in this lifetime! The moon and the stars! Kisses that make you weak in the knees! You deserve to be held by arms you trust. You deserve romantic beach walks next to a beautiful blue ocean! You deserve to escape from Ohio winters! You deserve to be spoken to with respect always! You deserve extra cherries on your banana split! You deserve OPTIMAL health in every capacity! Energetically you deserve to bounce out of bed for a workout every morning after a quick love session with your soul mate! You deserve a relationship that isn’t easy. After all, nothing in life of any value will ever come without a struggle!
You deserve to be able to sleep soundly through the night and rest your head without a worry or care because all of your needs and the needs of your loved ones have been met during the day.
You deserve to be loved by a man who places you on a pedestal and treats you as if you are the only woman in the room at all times. You deserve passionate romantic love that takes your breath away and sweeps you off of your feet! You deserve to have someone who misses you the moment you walk out the door. Even when they know you will be returning soon. You deserve someone who calls you angel, princess and beautiful….daily:) You deserve a companion not a combat. Someone who challenges you daily but does not cause you any strife, worry or anguish.
You deserve an honest man who never tells you anything but the truth. Because of this truth he shares, you share your honest heart with him fully. You deserve someone who forgives you when you aren’t feeling your best and may forget to give to him when this occurs, someone who desires to be happy over always being right.
In the bedroom, the candlelight never burns out. You are his every desire and he is in your every thought whenever you get even the slightest hint of arousal! When you are around, he has an almost desperate need to feel your touch. He loves you in the deepest most powerful way and you embrace and allow for that love to enter you fully! What the two of you share is unmatched ~ a one of a kind passionate romantic love that takes your breath away and sweeps you off of your feet!
Most importantly,you deserve to always feel that you are the only woman he desires. Never is there a doubt in your mind of how this man feels about you. You deserve to be loved by a man who places you on a pedestal and treats you as if you are the only woman in the room at all times. You deserve a man whose eyes are always fixed upon your beautiful face whenever you are around. A man who opens your car door when you get in and get out at your destination.
In the bedroom, the candlelight never burns out. You are his every desire and he is in your every thought whenever you get even the slightest hint of arousal! When you are around, he has an almost desperate need to feel your touch. He loves you in the deepest most powerful way and you embrace and allow for that love to enter you fully!
You deserve to feel safe knowing his every move in the business World and in everyday life is to build an even better, more stable life for the two of you! You deserve to look and to move forward in life never worrying that the walls the two of you have built together could possibly crumble. You deserve to feel loved, desired and to always feel like his arms are your “safe place”. You taste of pure honest forever love to him…and “forever” does exist when he looks at you.
You deserve a man who leads, a Godly man who makes decisions when you are unable to. You deserve a man who knows he deserves a woman as magnificent as you by his side, on his arm and in his corner! A woman who encompasses everything he has ever desired in a soul mate and a wife! A man who knows you will give him everything he has ever dreamed of…and then much more.
You deserve to be introduced to friends and family as “the one”. You deserve to be brought into a room with a sense of pride in hand that he is so blessed and humbled to be standing beside you. You deserve someone who always owns the fact that he is with you as you enter a room! A man who always pulls your chair out for you to sit down and who never needs to boast about your intimate activities to his friends or colleagues. After all, everyone can see in his eyes how incredibly lucky he is to be with you. He shines when next to you and you are not just is soul mate…you are his muse!
YOU deserve the World and nothing short of it! Sit back and watch God bring all of this to you in his perfect time!
Love me:)


Please remember this as you travel through this lifetime…. In life we settle on so many things. We settle for the movie we don’t really want to see because the popular movie is booked. We settle for a “quick coffee fix” in the morning instead of getting a good nights sleep or diving into a routine that will support our energy the next day. There are things in life that we “settle” for. Our life partner should not be one of them. Mediocre may be OK for some…but you…you and I both know that we deserve to have it ALL when it comes to love, romance and having our desires filled on every level! 

Love you, Andrea

Andrea Cox owner of and Alkalize with Andrea detox health retreats.

Andrea Cox owner of and Alkalize with Andrea detox health retreats.

Benefits Of A Twenty-Four Hour Water Fast. Ten reasons why I water fast.

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this video with all of you. Many of you know I LOVE to juice fast and water fast. I’ve done ten day water fasts in the past that have helped me let go of bad habits and addictions.

In the video below I share with all of you what I prefer to drink on my water fast:)

Please note I do NOT promote fasting for extended periods and you should ALWAYS consult your physician prior to doing ANY cleanse:)


1. Cleansing effects 

Cleansing is a natural body process of eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands, and skin. During water fasting all the toxins in our body are expelled, creating an ideal environment for healing. This is responsible for a healthier skin, teeth and gums, better functioning of organs and even bones healing from injuries in half the time!

2. A more efficient Immune System

During a water fasting, the energy is diverted away from the digestion of food and instead moves to healing the glandular system and organs of the body! In turn our immune system is able to be restored! 

3. Anti aging and extended life expectancy

During a water fast the damaged tissues and many illnesses are repaired thus leaving the body in the optimal state for growth.

4. A sense of peace! A time to relax and go within!

it is vitally important that you rest during a water fast. Undergoing exersize will only create stress on the body and will be counter productive. In order to heal one must se this time as a period of rest and rejuvenation! One on one time with God! 

5. Improvement of the skeletal & muscular systems

Fasting induces anti-inflammatory actions on both the skeletal and muscular system. This in turn assists the bodies natural repair process from almost all pains, aches, arthritis in muscles and joints.

6. Weight Loss

Although this should not be the main concern when one undergoes a water fast, it has been proven to be one of the best remedies for obesity. 

7. Addictive behaviors especially surrounding food vanish!

For most people not eating for a day is not a big challenge. This being said a planned fast will bring up more “stuff” from childhood than anything else! In order to “let go” we must remember that it is not aha we add into the diet in the way of supplements and food. It is what we leave out that clears the body of degree and clears the mind of confusion! This makes the difference! 

8. More energy! 

Think I’m lying? I’m not! As the great Gil Jacobs said to me years ago “true health comes from removing the obstructions in the body, not from food”!

Rememberthe most taxing activity of the body, in terms of energy expenditure is the digestive process. During the water fasting the same energy is directed towards other activities leaving the body with more energy.

9. An incredible sense of being MORE in tune with ones body 

In a fasting state, all the sensations of the body are increased! This in turn creates a deeper sense of awareness of the wonderful God creation of our body. I call this an ORGASMIC connection with sours and self! 

10. Increased Spiritual Connection

As one fasts we are humbled. Everything is stripped away from us…even our food. Once we rid of the physical toxins our strongholds are brought to the surface. Our bodily toxins flush out and the emotional wounds come up and out.

To better understand this you must understand that our emotional wounds are stored in the energetic system of the body. In other words “our issues live in our tissues”! Cleansing trough fasting creates a new space for emotional healing and for positive emotions to come in. By quieting the mind we are creating the emotional and mental environment for a deep spiritual connection.

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Benefits Of A Water Fast

Benefits Of A Water Fast


Putting Others Before Yourself. My lesson while running a private retreat.

Today I had to REALLY let go of my own “stuff” in order to place my client first. After having less than 2 hours of sleep I was tested with having very little energy. Being a 7 hours a night type of girl and for the past few months my routine has been completely shaken up.

One thing I know is that placing someone else before yourself really helps place everything in perspective. I’m so grateful for the positive change this has brought to my life:)

As I say in this video below, “If I met the girl I was five years ago today…I wouldn’t like her very much”. I’m sure I wouldn’t have handled today as I have. Sad but true:( I’m proud of the changes I have made and who I am today:)

Blessings and love from Mexico:)

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Retreat in mexico

Retreat in mexico

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