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7 Tips To Slowing~Down to get more done!

Hey there friends:) Ok well this isn’t exactly a “she she poo poo” video like the one I sent you last week. It is something however that I feel is vitally important in order to achieve the healthy lifestyle I know you want!

 Check out the video above!

I also wanted to share my to 7 tips for slowing down! 

1) Honor yourself by taking time for YOU!!! Its vitally important that you know this is YOUR time! You are doing this firstly for you and secondly to be a better person for those around you. If you cannot love yourself enough to do this, it simply won’t work to your advantage!

2) Find someone who will hold you accountable for your “time out sessions”! Having someone who will remind you from time to time to stay on track with your goal of slowing down will greatly improve your ability to do so. I have a girlfriend who whenever I ask her to go to a yoga class, she’s in! These are the types of people you will need in your corner to make this change of taking time for YOU easier for you to adopt!

3) Meditate 20 minutes every morning and evening. The verdict is in! Meditation not only reduces oxidative stress in the body but also reduces anxiety! Recent studies show it could also lead to a longer life span! Think you don’t have 40 minutes a day? Think again! I’m here to remind you that YOU matter enough to make the time to meditate!

4) Yoga anyone! Any questions? Thought so! :)

 5) Drop the guilt! So many people who have children or aging parents that they care for use it as an excuse to not slow down! From soccer practice to cheer leading to the grocery and cleaning their home. There simply isn’t enough time to slow down! Lets think of it differently! What are you teaching your children by constantly being in a rush and taking no time for yourselves? What are you telling your spouse when you get short with them because you are overwhelmed? I rest my case.

6) Nap lie you are in kinder~ garden!  Studies show a 90 minute nap completely restores a sleep deprived body! You simply operate better when you are rested! Even 30 minutes is enough time however to get a mini reprieve! Try lying on your back with your feet elevated! Place a cool cloth over your eyes and a bit of lavender essential oil on your forehead and chest. Ahhh can you feel it?!

7) Got sleep? When your body is sleep deprived it is impossible to be or do your best! If you want to achieve anything in life, it starts with developing good sleep habits! Aim for 7-8 hours per night!


Andrea L Cox is the owner of & She is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy lifestyle and detoxification! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications. She runs yoga juice cleanse retreats both in San Diego and Mexico! Her You Tube channel is approaching close to 2Million views.

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7 Tips to becoming more emotionally healthy

Cultivate strong relationships~ Develop and maintain strong relationships with people around you who will support and enrich your life. The quality of our personal relationships has a great effect on our wellbeing. Putting time and effort into building strong relationships can and will bring great rewards. Studies actually show that married people live healthier longer lives! The proof is literally in the pudding!

Exercise everyday~ I’m not saying you have to become a professional body builder. The facts however are well known~exercise releases endorphins that are mood boosting! One of the best mood boosting exercises I know is to rebound! Yep! Rebounding has been proven to boost your mood! The average rebounder can be bought for around $200. A small price to pay for all the mood boosting and lymphatic benefits! Feel free to watch my video about rebounding here Rebounding Video

Yoga pants!









Eat right! ~Physical and mental health are closely linked; it’s easier to feel good about life if your body feels good. Try to replace one meal per day with a liquid meal. I prefer my clients use the all mighty all powerful juice! This gives your body a break from digestion! Try to consume at least 75% of your fruits and vegetables in their raw natural state. Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are 80% full. No one feels good when they are stuffed!

Cashew curry salad!

Cashew curry salad!







Challenge yourself~ When is the last time you read a book, completed a crossword puzzle or challenged yourself to memorize someones name, birthday phone number and address instead of logging it into your cell phone? Learning improves your mental fitness, it expands your brains capacity and creates a sense of calm throughout the body by shifting focus off the body. 

Andrea shooting her YouTube

Helping others in anyway you can is also a wonderful challenge! When I started my YouTube channel it was for that very reason! I never thought in a million years it would end up as it has where I actually get paid to do what I love! By helping others the rewards come ten fold back to us! Try it! 

Try to not take things personally~ Be aware of what triggers you and how you react. Often times we are triggered the most by those we love! You may be able to avoid some triggers simply by sitting the person down who is triggering you and having a heart to heart with them. Express how your feeling and that you need them to approach or speak to you in a different way.

Get 8 hours of sleep per night~ Get plenty of sleep. Try to set a regular bedtime schedule. Sleep restores both your mind and body. When we feel fatigued we can literally “lose it” with ourselves and those we love. No one functions well without proper sleep! 


Ask for help.  A perfect, worry-free life does not exist. I find no shame in saying “I have a therapist” and neither should you!  If you don’t get the help you need first off, keep asking until you do. Therapist are like a new pair of jeans, you have to try on a few before you find the perfect fit!


Andrea L Cox is a published fitness model who has written two books on juicing, raw vegan food, bulimia and detoxification. Andrea owns The Healthy Haven~ home of everything detox! Andrea is in demand for her cleansing retreats by both celebrities and the average house wife. Andrea’s YouTube channel has close to 600 videos and 2 million views! She has appeared on such shows as KUSI San Diego, Fox 45 Dayton Ohio, Fox San Diego, channel 6 San Diego, The Del Mar Times, Dayton Daily News, Muscular Development magazine, Pump fitness, The Patrick Timpone show,One radio network, Mind Body Green and several others.

You can see more of Andrea on the following websites


Self esteem issues. How to turn it around!

the face



Today I want to share something with all of you that may seem contradictory to the way I appear on the internet. It may also seem that I’m sharing this to “fish” for compliments etc. I assure you I am not. What I’m about to share has been a very real truth for me for some time now. As embarrassing as it is to talk about, I’m actually beginning to see the beauty in the suffering it has caused me.

I’ve always had a low self esteem and never felt pretty. I’m not sure when or how it came about. I don’t blame the media and no one ever told me I was ugly growing up. My sisters and I would often argue and use unkind words to hurt Each other but I put little emphasis on that being the cause. 

This low self esteem has caused me to pass up social events, projects, modeling gigs and even a few news appearances.

The majority of my positive outlook about myself and my looks came from a ten year relationship I had with a beautiful kind soul. I was 17 when I met him. He always told me what a beautiful face I had and how angelic it was.He rarely placed any emphasis on my body. It was always my face. He often said “our bodies just carry us through life”. I’ve always been grateful for him and our time together. 

The past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time alone, meditating and doing yoga. This has allowed me to reflect inward and focus on the purity, love and goodness of my heart. Alone time to me is sacred. Being an empath I am VERY sensitive to other people’s energy! I’ve learned to be cautious of who I spend my time around.

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned during this time of reflection is how clean and beautiful it feels to NOT wear any make up on my face. A little essential oil and I’m done. Last night I came home and was a bit shy around my boyfriend being “bare faced”. A reminder that I still have much more internal work to do.♡♡♡

Thank you for all owing me to share.


Spiritual cleansing~ A seasonal detox of home and body I like to do!

Spiritual cleansing of the home and body~A seasonal detox I do:) 

White sage, a Svadhishthana candle to release “below the navel tension”, a smaller tea light candle for my meditation at Chopra and a gift to myself of my absolute FAVORITE non toxic eye cream for some puffiness. 

The sage will act as an energy clearer for my home. I will be praying as I smudge every door, window, hallway and room. The candle is to release sexual tention I’m feeling (having a strong sexual drive has always been an issue that has allowed my focus to not stay on point at times). The smaller candle I will burn every day during meditation. The eye cream….well, I deserve it:) 

Why do this? To release, let go, clear any negative energies, words or actions that have been in your space…to allow yourself the freedom of loving yourself so you may truly be honored and loved by another. 
Today I’m repeating the following mantra “I let go of the fantasy of what never was and open myself up to everything honest and true~I open myself to life, true love and happiness:)” 

Generally I like to soak in an epsom salt bath prior to the smudging of the home. I follow the smudging going into deep prayer. When I say prayer I don’t mean chanting a mantra! I mean reading Gods word directly from the bible.

I like to deal live foods only on a day when this experience is employed. One should always be mindful of needless munching and snacking. This is especially important on a day when you’re clearing space in your home and within your body!

Enjoy and email me your experience with photos! I love that!

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In home detox!

In home detox!

Why your weight gain could be caused by your relationship!

I hear the following all the time from my clients. They’re over eating, not taking care of themselves, skipping yoga. Once we get to talking, I soon learn its not about the food at all! Its about their relationships with others, specifically their partner! They feel empty in their marriages, not listened to and disconnected from their mate. Some may even feel they have lost their identity in the relationship.  

The women I work with who have weight issues suffer from something I call “BED” or binge eating disorder. Women are emotional eaters by nature. Women eat when they are sad, angry, lonely or simply when they don’t feel listened to.

Many men I work with who are overweight also suffer from binge eating. They often complain of being talked over, controlled or simply feel bored with their partners. They’ve shut down  in order to avoid having an actual discussion about what comes up for them. Avoidance of conversation seems to be a huge factor with the men I work with. Sadly, many men also end up “eating their relationship problems”.

The biggest complaint I hear from women is that their partners don’t make them or their relationship a priority. There are no planned dates, rendezvous or even dinners together. They simply feel unloved and not cherished. This often ties into a under nourished “feeling”!

The biggest complaint I hear from males is that they feel unappreciated and that their female mate quite simply “talks to much”! They often shut down, become silent and don’t even hear what their mate is saying after the first few sentences. How does this relate to health? They end up with a “feeling” of needing to over nourish themselves to tune out the chatter.

When people come to me the first thing I ask them to do is to make a list of ten triggers that cause them to binge. Seven out of ten usually are perceived to come from their partner.

I then ask them to write down 25 traits in themselves that they LOVE! This can be physical or personality/character traits. This is often difficult for both men and women.

The third task I give them is to list 25 things they LOVE about their partner! Just as I did above. The list flows effortlessly. Odd? Not really. You see its not that they don’t love themselves and love their partners. Its that the traits they love about themselves are not being recognized and appreciated by their partners.

The key is communication. Both males and females always say “I don’t feel heard or understood” Why is it that if your marriage is the most important relationship you will ever have with another human being no one ever teaches us the precious skills of communication?

Here are the two homework assignments I always give to my clients who come to me with a food issue that are in a relationship (75% of them)! 

Create a safe place of love, a container so to speak where your love can thrive!This is generally different for men and women. 

For women this means shutting up! Yes ladies, actually being quiet when your man does open up to you (and he will). Often its as simple as allowing him to feel through his thoughts about you not appreciating how hard he works to provide or the little things he does for you like taking out the trash cans every week.

For men this means making her feel secure by making her a priority! Women are very different then men. We have a strong need to FEEL a certain way! This isn’t anything that comes with words. It comes with your actions. Planning things for the future such as weekend getaways or even creating a certain night during the week for a “date night” are all things that create a safe space for her to thrive! Women value and love their time with you. It gives them a sense of safety and support that only comes when they are in your masculine presence. Honor that and take pride in it. 

Learn to communicate effectively! This is something you must strive for in every conversation! Without it the relationship becomes a burden and often can become a thing of the past! This is where the over eating comes into play too! Often when we don’t feel heard, we tend to stuff down our feelings or our words with food!

Try to take 20 minutes of time out during an argument to gather your thoughts. This will allow you to both cool off! If yelling or interrupting one another over the phone is a common trait of your communication style I recommend meeting in person. If yelling in person is a trait one or both of you have, meet in a public place to have your discussions. 

Share meals together at home! This is one of the most connecting things you can do to strengthen your bond! Meal times should be sacred times! Allow this to be a time when candles are lit, music is on and cell phones are turned off! When this is done right, with the right mood and environment this always leads to a fabulous night of intimacy! And who would ever choose cookies or chocolate cake over being intimate with the one they love? :)

Remember…No matter how much stress is going on around us we can always take the time to pull together a beautiful meal next to candlelight. Keep your space tidy, your colon clean your mind open and your heart full of love!


 Above: A beautiful candlelight dinner for two with essential oils diffusing, soft music and an amazing organic dinner prepared by yours truly!



 Andrea Cox is a former fitness model. She is a raw food celebrity chef, author and owner of and  She has had national coverage speaking about her detox modalities

Her YouTube channel has just surpassed 2million views! Sign up for her news letter at

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