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Five reasons to eat figs!

Ahhhh FIGS! Figs have long been touted upon as being the fruit that represents ABUNDANCE, FERTILITY & SWEETNESS! No wonder they are my favorite food out of EVERY food on the planet!

Look at this DIVINE plate of fresh figs! They are in season in the winter months here in California and I absolutely LOVE them! In fact, I've been known to consume them daily! The early Olympic athletes used figs as a training food! Fresh Figs were also presented as a prize to the winners, becoming the first Olympic “medal.” Just three large plump fresh figs contain only roughly 130 calories (if you follow me you know calories don't matter anyway)! They also contain 5.5 grams of dietary fiber! That's more fiber than one cup of oatmeal!

This was a pre~yoga late brunch meal for me today!!! For me, there is nothing quite like a plate of organic figs from my local farmer! This is one of my favorite fruits of the season! I love to sprinkle them with ginger cinnamon and a little bit of Celtic Sea salt for a late afternoon pre-dinner delight! Enjoy this delicious raw vegan scrumptious treat on an EMPTY stomach for optimal digestion!



1) Figs are FULL of vitamins & minerals including vitamins A, K and vitamin C!

2) They can be used a s a fat replacement in baked goods~without the fat!

3) They taste SO GOOD! If you've not tried figs I encourage you to do so! They are considered to be a "sweet" fruit! Much like a date~ they are like eating candy!

4) They are high in fiber and provide AMAZING digestive properties!

5) Figs are great for your ovaries ladies! Yep thats right! If you look closely at a fig when split open you will see they look a bit like the ovaries as well!

In Rome figs are considered to be restorative! They are believed to increase the strength & known to maintain the health of the elderly! Figs also are believed to make the elderly look younger with fewer wrinkles!

So lets be more like the Romans and eat a plethora of fresh figs while they are in season! If you're like me, you'll be find a way to sneak the dried whens during the summer too! Enjoy!

Andrea L Cox is the owner of & She is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy lifestyle and detoxification! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications. She runs yoga juice cleanse retreats both in San Diego and Mexico! Her You Tube channel is approaching close to 2Million views. Her website for retreats is Her other programs may be found at

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Have a beautiful Sunday & don't forget to drink your juice!


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7 Tips for Healthy Travel & Hotel Salad Video!

Hey there Healthy Haven peeps:) I've got something SO special for you! Ive been traveling like crazy! In the past two weeks I've been in San Diego, LA, Napa Valley, Berkley and Mexico! WOSA! Being that I'm from Ohio, I'm a bit of a homebody. My boyfriend however really knows how to travel and does so with ease. I on the other hand pack the entire kitchen and seem to think I need 13 different black dresses for each trip:) 

Although he hasn't laughed at me to my face yet, my sweet William has made subtle suggestions to make my (our) travel time less stressful! 

1) Pack enough food to make one healthy dinner and one healthy breakfast!   The truth is you never know when you will get stuck in an airport or not have access to organic food. I once got stuck in Hawaii of all places and they are 150% sure to not allow so much as a cashew onto the flight when leaving! So far this is the only time I have ever had to toss some organic bananas. I like to pack the following! 

Green juice for the plane ride:)

Green juice for the plane ride:)

Dried fruit such as dates, a few bananas, a bag of spinach, a lemon, an avocado, the wraps you will see in the video below and a juice (tell them you have a special diet, they will wave a word over it and let you board). Yep, in 11 years Ive not one time had to toss the juice my friends! 

2) Opt out! Don't even get me started on this one! If you think that "microwave you're walking through is not radiating the crap out of you, think again! Ive always opted out and yes, so should you!

3) Take advantage of the hotel sauna and steam room! How could you think of skipping out on this? I am blessed to have an infrared sauna at home. That being said the first thing I ask when arriving at a hotel is "where is the sauna"? You paid good money for your room, use the facilities to your full advantage! 

Another option is always to grab a workout or swim at the hotels pool! Anything to get your lymphatic system pumping!

Another option is  to grab a workout or swim at the hotels pool! Anything to get your lymphatic system pumping!

4) Use Youtube exercise videos to workout every morning in your hotel room!  Oh boy how I love this tip I'm sharing with you! I actually have three videos that I love! They don't take up much time and are very easy! Check out "Walk away the pounds"! Just fifteen minutes and you're done! YAY!

5) Book hotels that use only hypo allergenic bedding and non toxic cleaning supplies! Another reason I LOVE to travel with the "man~pan~ion" is because he always picks the most unique and amazing hotels! It truly is the main reason he can peel me away from my kitchen! One thing most hotels have in common is the fact that they will bring you foam pillows instead of  feather pillows. Make this request when booking the room! Also ask them if they would please use a green cleaner in your room the day of your arrival. For just fifteen dollars more, many will abridge!

6) Take Vitamin C and magnesium in your carry on bag or purse! A must! When you travel by air you will most likely get anything and everything that is floating around on that plane! Look at it as you breathing in and exchanging everyones breath! Trust me when I tell you that vitamin C will wipe out any chance of you getting ill! The magnesium will relax you! WARNING: I'm not a fan of "EmergenC packs" take a closer look at the label:) 

Want vitamin C? Eat an orange!

Want vitamin C? Eat an orange!


7) Sleep whenever possible especially on the plane or in the car! There really is no better happy pill, beauty pill or health pill than sleep! Get all the sleep you can get! Heck~look at sleep as you collecting organic fruit or diamonds! They are both worth their weight in gold!

Meditation is a great way to settle the mind while traveling!

Meditation is a great way to settle the mind while traveling!


7 Tips to slow down & de~ stress!

7 Tips to Slow Down & De~Stress!

Hi there:) Between work, chasing after the kids, running errands, caring for aging parents and trying to keep your body healthy, who has time to slow down? Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is in a rush these days yet no-one is getting anything done! 

News Flash~Your body is well aware of these chronic stressors we call "life"! Its screaming for you to "slow down and just be! When you repeatedly get stressed, your nervous system stays stirred up. Even small amounts of stress can make you feel overwhelmed.

Today as I sit in Mexico with my boyfriend, his son and two amazing dogs, I realize its 5pm and I've been in my bikini all day. Mexico does that to me. It slows me down and I don't mind a bit! I always feel refreshed when I return home ready to tackle my week! 

Andrea taking a relaxing day in Mexico!

Andrea taking a relaxing day in Mexico!

Here are my top 7 Tips for learning to slow down~de ~stress and  relax!

1) LEARN TO MEDITATE  Meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure in individuals with chronic stress. What more proof do we need? During my interview with Meditation expert Tom Cronin I learned a way to "go within" that works for me. I try to aim for at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Although meditation does not have the effect that my yoga practice does, I always feel calmer and more centered when I incorporate it into my flow!

Andrea Cox~Morning meditation in Mexico!

Andrea Cox~Morning meditation in Mexico!

2) PRACTICE YOGA OFTEN The facts are in! The benefits of yoga far surpass any other exercise out there. For me, yoga is my moving meditation! Ive practiced 3-7 days per week for over 7 years now and find the benefits are long lasting for days after class. Aim for 3-5 sessions per week. 

3) VISUALIZATION A therapist told me I needed to visualize years ago, I laughed then went and bought a book on it! Nothing can bring peace like visualizing yourself on a far away island listening to the ocean waves crashing around you while you are on your lunch break in your office! Try it and see for yourself!

4) STOP THE STIMULANTS I recently stopped taking a green tea pill and I cannot tell you how incredibly taxing it was! I had a headache for three days! We are talking green tea with all its benefits! Bottom line here is that any and all caffeine will rev you up then drop you like a one night stand:) Ditch the coffee and replace it with a caffeine free herbal tea! Your adrenal glands and partner will thank you (less moodiness)!

5) GET YOUR HANDS ON A GOOD ADRENAL GLANDULAR Nothing supports the adrenal glands after a long stressful period in life than a good nights sleep and a great adrenal glandular! Your adrenal glands support energy production in the body. When we are in that "go go go rat race" they can crash and burn out! This leaves you feeling tired and ran down! Look for a good adrenal product preferably one that is herbal and vegan.

6) HYDRATE & EAT HEALTHSkip out on this and the consequences will be great! In order to have peace in our mind we must have peace in our bodies! This comes from the inside out! What you take in today will determine your clarity of mind, peace and your bodies ability to handle stress tomorrow! Choose that food wisely and hydrate!

7) MOVE YOUR BODY EVEN ON YOUR "REST DAY" Exercise is as important daily as breath! Our lymphatic system doesn't pump on its own, we must move so it can do its job to pump that lymphatic fluid that carries toxins out of our body! Even if only for 20 minutes~move daily! Your body, heart and mind will thank you!


I hope you enjoyed this and empty the tips above in your own life! Feel free to Tweet this and tag me at "Rawchefandrea"! You may also Pin it or share it on Facebook and tag me under Andrea L Cox! I love sharing!


Andrea L Cox is the owner of &

Andrea is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy lifestyle and detoxification! After healing herself of bulimia and anorexia Andrea set out to spread the word on cleansing on a cellular level to create optimal health! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications. She runs yoga juice cleanse retreats both in San Diego and Mexico! Her You Tube channel is approaching close to 2Million views. Her website for retreats is Her other programs may be found at


7 Tips to improve the quality of your life!


Hi there:) I wanted to share with you a little about my story. My journey to health and happiness began out of necessity. At the time, I couldn't walk into a Barns~N~ Noble without seeing myself on the cover of a health or fitness magazine. The pressure was high to maintain two totally different figures depending on the type of magazine I was shooting for.

In fitness, they liked you tan and toned. In the more glamour type magazines it was pale and a little plump. I developed a terrible eating disorder called bulimia and although I didn't realize it at the time, it turned out to be a HUGE blessing!

In the midst of my disease I found myself alone at my mothers home in Ohio one night at 2am with my head in a toilet bowl. It was Valentines day and I had just ended a ten year relationship. I had been there (hovering over the toilet) for over three hours vomiting after a HUGE binge! I had drank a syrup that hospitals use to induce vomiting and it had back fired on me to the point of me blacking out. That was my rock bottom! I swore that night that I would NEVER make myself sick again!

Fast forward to today! I'm healthy, happy, have better skin than when I was twenty and I'm living out my passion helping others reach their goals in both fitness and cellular health! I'm sharing this with you because I want you to know that no matter where you are in life God has a plan for you! One thing is for sure however, the quality of your life is EXTREMELY important! In order to achieve a better quality of life you must develop the following seven healthy habits!

Andrea Cox today:) Happy and healthy!

Andrea Cox today:) Happy and healthy!

1) Crush the toxic conversation in your head that is saying "I'm not good enough" or "I'm broke" or I'll never get in shape! Look if you don't believe and love yourself where you are at right now then who will? Become your biggest cheerleader!

2) Ditch the negative people and toxic abusive relationships in your life now! How do you expect to move forward with your goals hopes and dreams? I realize that this is sometimes very hard to do especially with family or close friends. Maybe down the line the relationship can be rekindled but right now its just not a good fit.

3) Keep a schedule when it comes to eating sleeping and fitness! Have you ever seen a baby when it gets off schedule? They cry or throw a tantrum! Guess what~ we never really grew up! We too need schedules! Try to keep a journal of mindfulness when it comes to procrastination and time wasting! Keep a food journal to prevent mindless snacking. Before long you will notice your goals begin to take shape!

4) Do what you love for a living! Easier said than done, right? Sure, the nay-sayers you just cut out in tip #2 may think so but who's to say you don't THRIVE when you step away from the tribe! Is it true that what you are doing is for you because you went to school for it 1000 years ago? Certainly not! Maybe you're caught up in the 9-5 rat race that has you feeling stressed or stuck? Journal and feel your way through this~ask the important questions and find the truth!

5) Workout daily! Yes~DAILY! If you think you have all the time in the world to get your body in the shape you want, think again! I like to always remind people that it's not how long you live, it's the QUALITY of the life you are living NOW that matters!

Alright I know what you're saying. I don't have the time and what about a day of rest. Nonsense! Your lymphatic system gets sluggish on its own! Besides the better you feel about yourself the more confident and better you are to this World! Ahhh I feel the endorphin rush coming on now!

6) Get adequate sleep! Try to go to bed at the same reasonable hour each night. Use things like Lavender essential oil or stress away by Young Living oils to ease away daily tension! Keep a journal of gratitude next to your bed. At the end of the day write just 5 things that you are grateful for. Make sure you turn down the lights about 2 hours prior to bed so your melatonin balance isn't disrupted.

7) Keep your food simple! You know how you feel after you've visited your family at Thanksgiving? That bloated lethargic I've eaten enough for 17 people feeling? Whats that for anyway? Why would you eat that way in everyday life? The salad pictured below is coming out in my new book "Sexy on Salads"! Although it only has 7 ingredients, its delicious and filling! I even had room for a vegan cookie after! Its about quality remember! I want you to care about the food that comes into your body! 

Andrea's Confetti salad from her new book "Sexy on Salads"!

Andrea's Confetti salad from her new book "Sexy on Salads"!

I really want you to achieve all of your goals both in your personal and professional life! What I want for you more than anything is for you to be able to actually ENJOY them!

It's about being able to walk up and down stairs without heavy breathing. It's about playing ball with your children without having to sit down and take a break! It's about dancing all night long with your husband without feeling tired. Your life is happening NOW! If you went tomorrow could you honestly say you lived your life to the absolute fullest? If you said no and if it has anything to do with excess weight or toxicity holding you back then today is the day to start fresh!

To feel healthy on a cellular level is to experience life, people and places like a child!

I love you~you're welcome!




Andrea L Cox is the owner of & She is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy lifestyle and detoxification! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications. She runs yoga juice cleanse retreats both in San Diego and Mexico! Her You Tube channel is approaching close to 2Million views. Her website for retreats is Her other programs may be found at





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Andrea L Cox

7 Tips To Slowing~Down to get more done!

Hey there friends:) Ok well this isn't exactly a "she she poo poo" video like the one I sent you last week. It is something however that I feel is vitally important in order to achieve the healthy lifestyle I know you want!

 Check out the video above!

I also wanted to share my to 7 tips for slowing down! 

1) Honor yourself by taking time for YOU!!! Its vitally important that you know this is YOUR time! You are doing this firstly for you and secondly to be a better person for those around you. If you cannot love yourself enough to do this, it simply won't work to your advantage!

2) Find someone who will hold you accountable for your "time out sessions"! Having someone who will remind you from time to time to stay on track with your goal of slowing down will greatly improve your ability to do so. I have a girlfriend who whenever I ask her to go to a yoga class, she's in! These are the types of people you will need in your corner to make this change of taking time for YOU easier for you to adopt!

3) Meditate 20 minutes every morning and evening. The verdict is in! Meditation not only reduces oxidative stress in the body but also reduces anxiety! Recent studies show it could also lead to a longer life span! Think you don't have 40 minutes a day? Think again! I'm here to remind you that YOU matter enough to make the time to meditate!

4) Yoga anyone! Any questions? Thought so! :)

 5) Drop the guilt! So many people who have children or aging parents that they care for use it as an excuse to not slow down! From soccer practice to cheer leading to the grocery and cleaning their home. There simply isn't enough time to slow down! Lets think of it differently! What are you teaching your children by constantly being in a rush and taking no time for yourselves? What are you telling your spouse when you get short with them because you are overwhelmed? I rest my case.

6) Nap lie you are in kinder~ garden!  Studies show a 90 minute nap completely restores a sleep deprived body! You simply operate better when you are rested! Even 30 minutes is enough time however to get a mini reprieve! Try lying on your back with your feet elevated! Place a cool cloth over your eyes and a bit of lavender essential oil on your forehead and chest. Ahhh can you feel it?!

7) Got sleep? When your body is sleep deprived it is impossible to be or do your best! If you want to achieve anything in life, it starts with developing good sleep habits! Aim for 7-8 hours per night!


Andrea L Cox is the owner of & She is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy lifestyle and detoxification! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications. She runs yoga juice cleanse retreats both in San Diego and Mexico! Her You Tube channel is approaching close to 2Million views.

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