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My latest VIP clients detox retreat in Mexico! FREE DAILY DETOX TIP!

Hello Everyone from Beautiful Mexico! 


Kathy broke her fast on this salad! She ate it all!

Kathy broke her fast on this salad! She ate it all!


What can I say, every single client I take on to cleanse has a special place in my heart. This woman is especially dear to me. Kathy spent a week in Mexico cleansing her body and did an absolutely fabulous job! Her resilience is contagious! This woman has been through a lot having had breast cancer. Her attitude about life is one I strive to adopt! She is a mother, wife, Grandmother, cancer survivor and what I like to call “A warrior”! We laughed, cried and attempted to…learn Spanish through Google to translate to a sweet gal that was assisting me while there:)

I think Miss Kathy has more than a special place in my heart. I think she got into my soul as well! Thank you Kathy! You my new friend are a one of a kind hero, mother and inspiration! 

It was raining the entire week Kathy was there (RARE):( We kept warm with tea, coffee enemas and juices with fresh ginger!

It was raining the entire week Kathy was there (RARE):( We kept warm with tea, coffee enemas and juices with fresh ginger!

It was over cast but sunny in the raw kitchen!

It was over cast but sunny in the raw kitchen!

To learn more about my retreats in San Diego or Mexico check out my website —–>>> click here! We just put up the new dates! If you are reading this and know someone that can potentially benefit from one of my Alkalize with Andrea retreats or private VIP retreats please SHARE this! They will be thankful and so will I!:)

Kathy and I did a skin tightening mask made from clay, avocado and lemon!

Kathy and I did a skin tightening mask made from clay, avocado and lemon!






DETOX TIP OF THE DAY: Move your body within the first hour of waking! The lymphatic system is most responsive then! Try rebounding, walking or playing with your loving furry friend! 

I did my own little detox right along with Kathy!

I did my own little detox right along with Kathy!

Five tips to detox daily!


Keeping your body detoxed on a cellular level is an important aspect in maintaining good digestion, a healthy sleep wake cycle and a flowing lymphatic system! It just so happens that Spring time is the perfect time to detox! We are overloaded with toxins on a daily basis! Simply breathing in the air can overload our system and send us into toxic load over drive! I believe that in order to combat these effects we should do at least one thing to detoxify every day and a deeper cleanse such as my Digital Detox at the beginning of every season! Once per year a much deeper week long cleanse such as heading off to a retreat like the ones I offer at my Alkalize with Andrea retreats should be taken on!  
       1.Move the body! Enjoy these tips on how to detox the       body daily! The lymphatic system is at the hub of everything running correctly in the body. It carries lymph fluid and toxins and excretes them through various methods such as the skin and urine. We must move the body daily to assist the lymph system in pumping properly! My suggestion is a brisk one mile walk right upon waking followed by 5-10 minutes on the rebounder. This will assure that everything is flowing properly.
Andrea Cox lunges

Andrea Cox lunges

  1. Got clay? Humic and fulvic acid found in specific types of clay (such as my Evening Formula found here will not only detox you on a cellular level, they will also re mineralize you! 1 heaping TB before breakfast is a great way to cleanse the entire digestive track!dirty water
  1. Drink warm water with lemon and apple cider vinigar upon raising Drinking a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and 2 TB of apple cider vinegar is an EXCELLENT way to cleanse the body! Do this daily upon rising! It will get everything moving in the right direct
  2. lemon water

Eat more fruits and vegetables! Fiber along with antioxadants are SO very important!  Fiber keeps us regular! The best way to get in your daily fiber is by filling up on the good guys first! The good guys” being fruits and vegetables! Stick to fresh organic, locally grown in season fruits and vegetables! Try to eat the majority of these raw! Antioxidants are full of nutrients that actually de age us! Yep! So pack those fruits in! Especially those deep in color such as blueberries!

  1. corn salad
  1. Stay hydrated with fresh green juices and loads of alkaline water! Drinking clean water is one of the best things you can do for your health. I prefer spring water collected from a natural spring. This will flush, flush, flush toxins out of the body! Drink at least half your body weight in water! Green juices sweetened with a small amount of grapes, green apple or pineapple are also extremely hydrating! Pinch a little cinnamon on top to stabilize blood sugar!juice2
    If you are reading this and know someone that can potentially benefit from this, please SHARE this! They will be thankful and so will I!:)
    Andrea L Cox

A new day to sign with your purpose for your highest good!

Good morning

Its five am here, I’ve been up since 3:30. Im about to go walk along one of my favorite beaches, hit the gym and go to church. Three things I am looking forward to. Three things that woke me…naturally without the need for an alarm. When we do the things we love, the desire is there and there is no need to be woke by artificial sounds that alarm us for the remainder of the day.

I guess this is a fraction of my new age self-improvement philosophy. This philosophy being bits and pieces of my very strong loving Grandmother La Golda mixed in with a little self help, positive talk and “the work” Ive done to expand over the past decade. This work has proven to be both empowering and crippling.

The work started when I began seeking to align with my purpose of being awake in all that I do, all that I say and in every action I take. I began sensing the feeling that I only wanted to be around truly conscious people who were inline with their purpose. The “truth seekers”. I didn’t want to be around shaky un stable energy. It wasn’t that I thought higher of myself or less of others who had not yet found their path. It was that I had a strong desire for those who were already on the road to that path! In other words…Please be in FULL alignment with who you are before you ever even ask me to go for a morning workout.

When dating, I found I no longer had tolerance for closed off men who were always seeking but never found. Instead I was drawn to influential yet humble men who although stressed and sometimes only semi conscious were awakened enough to see beyond this shell of my body and into my soul! I often had to be mindful as I to this day can become engulfed in processing their stress and anguish into my own. This is where I learned the art of boundary setting and the beauty in letting go! A constant practice that I am still learning to master.

The biggest shift in me was the fact that I was no longer willing to substitute money and gifts as a sign of “love”. I desire now to be lead in a manner that requires a man “showing up” in all of his beautiful sometimes broken glory! I also no longer “require” a man to feel “filled up” or complete! I do know however that in order for me to reach my full potential of opening up myself to the woman I am meant to be, a conscious man is useful. I desire and require a full commitment from a man who is not triggered emotionally to be frightened off by that fact. This commitment is very simple….its a commitment for “full on presence” to be established. The word presence can be defined as showing up when he says and being in the moment the entire time we are together. This man fully knows his role in my life and is VERY pro-active about defining my place in his.

Andrea Cox owner of and detox retreats

Andrea Cox owner of
and detox retreats

Choosing to distance myself from the “shut-down” was difficult. I lost many friends but stood strong while cutting through the BS to find the tried and true. Plain and simple, it drains me to be around closed people, especially those who are un truthful or even worse… anyone who is inhibited/holds back from their true destiny or calling in life. I do my best to avoid those who are not on their way on a sincere quest to be free from the grips of society. I will however help along those interested in creating a lifestyle that ever-expands their capacity to become more conscious. I require more and refuse to settle for less.

So why share this with all of you today? Well, because we have TREMENDOUS power in our lives to attract, create and cultivate the life we want! I dare you on this beautiful Sunday to dig DEEP! Study up for this trip we call life! We have a choice to bring into alignment the lifestyle we desire. Why not start today?

This evening I intend to dedicate my yoga practice to each and every one of you. My heart felt prayers and loving healing energy go out to any of you who are struggling with anything you feel is holding you back. May you be wild and may you be free! May you walk with purpose along the path you are meant to thrive on!

Emanating Love, Creating a “safe place” for meals to happen.

Ambiance in Mexico:)

Ambiance in Mexico:)

It is scientifically proven that directing LOVE to another individual, plant, or animal will help to grow that particular plant and aid the healing process of that person or animal! I believe this to be true!
I’ve always been extremely careful of who I eat around. I feel eating (especially dinner) is a sacred time to relax, CHEW and reflect about the day. Its a time that ideally should be shared with others but can also be enjoyed alone. Lighting candles, a fire or cracking a window for fresh air has often been a part of this ritual I like to call “enjoying and actually savoring a meal”.

During my classes and retreats I always teach my clients to eat in a calm serene environment! There should be no arguing, turmoil or stress! Ideally this is also best done in a setting with a bit of ambiance as I mentioned above. Even if you live in a one room efficiency you can still light a candle or open the window for some fresh air. It just makes the meal and the experience with whom you are sharing it with more special, memorable and your food is able to digest fully!

I believe when we experience positive energies, health and healing skyrocket within the body, whereas when ‘negative’ energies such as fear, anxiety or stress are experienced, this leads to cellular damage in ones body. If the root of all negative energy is fear and the root of all positive energy is love than it makes perfect sense to me to ALWAYS try to set your fears aside and focus on LOVE! Nowhere is this more important than at the dinner table at the end of the day. The dinner table when shared with family, lovers and/or friends is where dreams are created, memories are made and sharing freely is aloud.

This was the table I created last night:) My boyfriend always knows to light candles and turn music on. Its his duty as much as making a salad is mine. Although we ended up inside because it was chilly out, this “din din scene” is often our experience.

Put in the effort to enjoy and experience dinner as a sacred time. Put love into the food you create and into the people you share that food with. I guarantee you your efforts will pay off! ‪#‎blessed‬ ‪#‎chooselove‬

My self care transformation! Strength, power and vulnerability! Guess what ladies, its Okay to have all 3 of these!


Today is all about self-care and self-love!
As I always say, we cannot care for others unless we first care for ourself♡♡♡ #selfcare #selflove

Colonic, check!
Lymphatic drainage check!
Sauna, check!
Float tank, check!
Vitamin D hiking the tallest mountain in all of San Diego…triple check!

Self care hike!

Self care hike!


Today is day 2 of me being fully in the moment and fully on board with what I call a total life and health transformation!

Today I enjoyed a liver detox (my homeade recipe) followed by a healthy higher in protein meal plan with smaller portions. It’s also day one of going back to being 100% raw (it’s what works for me:) I also started my gratitude journal up again. This reminds me of how the Lord has blessed me with way more than I could have ever dreamed of! 

It’s hot yoga time for me and I’m grateful for this tiny lil bra top I’m able to sport at my yoga studio:) All of my hard work is paying off:) #yogaeverydamday #selflove #selfcare

Transformation day #2

Transformation day #2




Strength, power and vulnerability!

Strength, power and vulnerability!

   Power and vulnerability, two very admirable words. A women with too much power is often seen as a bitch. How dare she assert herself to such a rank. A man who shows vulnerability is often accused of being too feminine. 

Switch the gender role to a man with power and a female who is able to show her vulnerability and you have two seemingly perfect individuals. 

I’m proud to be a powerful female who not only shows her vulnerability but also allows others to share theirs as well. #assertive #conscious #woman







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