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Rawlicious Recipes by Andrea Cox.

A week spent in Mexico detoxing my client from Vancouver!

Hey everyone! I’m still here b BEAUTIFUL Mexico running a private one on one cleanse for my client Kim from Vancouver! Kim is a beautiful single gal who is CRUSHING it in the real-estate market! She has two BEAUTIFUL  children and is the most selfless person I know! I guessed Kim was a cancer because of her caring nature..

Kim is an extremely private person therefore most of these photos will be of me and the beautiful private home I use for my private retreats! I do hope you enjoy this picture book I created for all of you! The juices and naturally flavored water was so fresh! All of our meals were made by yours truly and to top it off we had massages an yoga daily!

So do enjoy the creative photo book below! And do reach out when you are ready to take your health to the next level! Details for my group and private retreats can be found at  

Ahhh massage time! I SO enjoyed this!

Ahhh massage time! I SO enjoyed this!

I wore this because I thought it looked Mexican:)

I wore this because I thought it looked Mexican:)


 The home made a great back drop for delicious salads, tons of fresh juice and self-ids:) I even made Kim a turmeric mask that was 100% edible! The recipe is so simple! Take 1TB of turmeric powder, 1TB of avocado and 2 tsp of raw honey! Mix in a bowl and place on face before going to bed. Wait 20 minutes and rince! It will leave your skin GLOWING! 


My turmeric salad!

My turmeric salad!

LOVE the fruit here in Mexico!

LOVE the fruit here in Mexico!

Teaching Kim's first detox class!

Teaching Kim’s first detox class!

 Turmeric mask for my client before she goes to bed:) 100% edible skincare!

Turmeric mask for my client before she goes to bed:) 100% edible skincare!



Alkalizing detox salads

Alkalizing detox salads

Alkalize salad

Alkalize salad

Mexican salad night:)

Mexican salad night:)

I even got to sneak in some juice and alone sunshine time:)

I even got to sneak in some juice and alone sunshine time:)

Skin healing tonic! Get beautiful glowing skin now!

I recently had a client come to me that had suffered with eczema for almost three years! I created an AMAZING juice for her to drink each morning that solved her skin issue almost immediately! 

The recipe is as follows and it must be made fresh daily and drank on an empty stomach! EVERYTHING MUST ALWAYS BE ORGANIC WHEN JUICING!

6 carrots (High in vitamin A)

2 inches of burdock root (great liver detoxifier)

1/2 inch of turmeric root (anti inflamatory)

1/2 of one cucumber (excellent for acne)

two stalks of celery (high in natural salt and hydrochloric acid to aid digestion)

a pinch of powdered ginger (great for digestion)

a pinch of cinnamon (blood stabilizer)

a pinch of cayenne  (lymphatic mucous destroyer)

Juice all of the ingredients and then pinch in small amounts of the ginger, cinnamon and cayenne! Watch any and all symptoms disappear!

Skin healing tonic

Skin healing tonic

My skin tonic juice is the ABSOLUTE best for anyone suffering with acne, eczema or rosacea! Recipe is going on my blog at

Post yoga raw vegan “cereal” with brazil nut “milk”!

Mmm! It’s 3am and I’m already up creating a delicious after yoga breakfast for my girlfriends and I! We are headed to a 5am hot yoga class! I get excited for yoga! I get even more excited over good organic raw vegan food! Wild local blueberries, fresh mint, “nannas” and golden mulberries! I’m topping this with Brazil nut “milk” infused with vanilla bean and cinnamon!


The recipe is simple!

1 Cup blueberries fresh or frozen

1 banana chopped 

4 mint leaves chopped

1/2 Cup golden mulberries 

dash of cinnamon 


For the “milk”

Take 1 Cup of Brazil nuts and blend them in a high power blender with three cups of water. Strain through a strainer or nut milk bag and add fresh vanilla bean!


Pour the Brazil nut milk over the chopped fruit and devour without shame or guilt!

To be a Queen, you must eat like one!♡♡♡ #foodporn #lfrv #rawvegan #fullyraw #wholefoods

Raw vegan "cereal"

Raw vegan “cereal”

For more raw vegan recipes, detox tips and “love room” videos check out and leave me your email!

Weekly update with video:)

INSPIRATION! Growing up in school I would often walk with my shoulders slumped forward a bit. I was always trying to fit into my view of what was “normal”. All of this because one mean girl called me “Andre the giant”

Today, I LOVE my height! 

Don’t ever try to make yourself appear smaller than you really are to appease others. These things we view as flaws often end up being major blessings!

Tall girl:)

Tall girl:)













RELATIONSHIPS! Now lets get into a little “man talk” shall we? This has been on my mind the past few weeks as i am dating again. Quite honestly the quality of men in my “sphere” are STELLAR!

I feel many men are simply getting a bad rap:(

I truly believe all “good” men have the ability to become “GREAT” men when paired with the right woman! Men are so incredibly beautiful. They are such simple creatures! There is very little mystery to them. 

You can take a man who is considered to be a bad boy, pair him with a gal who loves, respects, listens, pleases and appreciates him and he will move mountains for her!


DETOX RECIPE! I LOVE when my body is flowing in perfect harmony with the live food I give it! Wild edible salad of arugula, mustard greens and nettles topped with sprouted walnuts, dates and shredded coconut! I used my sweet and sour dressing with a touch of lecithin to mesh the flavors! Vegan food porn at its fine!

 Andrea’s  walnut date salad with sweet and sour dressing!

2 cups of arugula/ 2 cups of spinach 

1/2 cup sprouted walnuts

4 dates pitted


1/2 inch ginger

Andrea's walnut date salad with sweet and sour dressing!

Andrea’s walnut date salad with sweet and sour dressing!




Chewy raw vegan carob coconut fudge brownies! Just in case you still thought raw vegans were eating celery sticks:)

I had a craving last night for something chewy, sweet, yet incredibly healthy! I decided since it was late I didn’t want the “high” that raw chocolate gives to me. Here is what I came up with below:) I assure you that these SO hit the spot! Try topping with a dollop of raw vegan coconut “vice cream”!


Raw vegan carob coconut fudge brownies!

1 Cup gluten-free oatmeal

1 Cup carob chips

1/2 Cup coconut oil

1/3 Cup GRADE B Maple syrup (Grade B is less processed)

1/2 Cup shredded coconut

1/4 Cup soaked and sprouted pecans

Take the oatmeal, coconut oil, grade B maple syrup and shredded coconut and pulse in a food processor. Place mixture into a bowl and fold in the carob cups along with the pecans! Place the entire mixture into a baking dish and place into the fridge or freezer until desired brownie texture is reached! INDULGE without guilt or shame knowing you are eating a healthy sweet treat FULL of minerals due to the Grade b maple syrup! 

For more AMAZING gluten free raw vegan recipes pick up a copy of my book “Raw-lic-ous” here >> Raw-lic-ous recipes


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