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Rawlicious Recipes by Andrea Cox.

7 reasons I prefer to make my own food!

7 reasons I prefer to make my own food!

1) I prefer to know the source of my produce!
The fact is that the vast majority of restaurants do not sourse genetically modified foods and yes, organic foods! Since I am vegan I won’t even touch on where a huge portion of the restaurant meat is coming from!

2) Its expression of creativity!
I consider my food to be “edible art”! I absolutely LOVE creating beautiful living food to nurture my body with!

3) Its faster!
This meal took me 3 minutes to assemble! Did I mention I followed it with vegan homemade cookies that I whipped up this morning? 

4) Preparing my own food allows me to tune into my body more!
When I prepare my own food I can really tune into what my bodies needs and desires are instead of being limited to a menu!

5) All my friends eat sunshine too:)
The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of my girlfriends also prepare their own food 90% of the time! We call ourselves “sunshine warriors”! We know that food is mood and that in order to FEEL good we must eat good too!

6) It saves money!
If I spend $150 at the farmers market or grocery store I know that my food will last the entire week! Thats way more bang for your buck than dining out on a consistent basis!

7) I get joy out of creating living creates for friends and family!
It’s true…nothing makes me happier than creating a meal that I know without a doubt will nourish my loved ones from the inside out!


Lets face it troop! We cannot be too careful these days! Have you ever looked at the amount of salt that is in a restaurant meal? Are you lactose intolerant? I guarantee you the foods you are eating not only contain gluten AKA GLUE, but also have traces of dairy and are cooked in fats that should NEVER be heated! Educate yourselves and get to town in that big beautiful kitchen you just remodeled! Or your college dormitory:) Both will work!

 Use this recipe to rid your body of excess water weight! 

View the recipe at the link above!

View the recipe at the link above!

Todays brunch fit for this raw vegan Queen! Spinach salad with heirloom tomatoes, pineapple and my “cashew curry tofu” that is soy free!!! I grew the sunflower sprouts myself! Try making your own food and watch how your wallet, waist size and mood improves!

Cashew curry salad!

Cashew curry salad!

How to get rid of water retention fast! Try this juice recipe!Cashew curry salad!

Five recipes with less than five ingredients! Bonus video recipe!

Never underestimate the simple things in life! Some of my most enjoyable meals have been created in my kitchen with less than five ingredients! Enjoy a few of my favorites below! One I placed in video format for you!

The nanna salad

Have you tried this combination? It’s a combination of celery and banana together! The saltiness from the celery mixed with the sweetness of banana has proven to be so incredibly delightful to me and many others! Plate your plate with spinach, slice two bananas on top making sure they are spotted to ensure ripeness! Chop two stalks of celery on top as well and finish with a drizzle of raw honey:) Devour without shame or guilt! One of my go to treats! 

    “Andrea’s Dictionary” -    “Nanna” A fully ripened spotted banana!   


                       The "nana" salad!


Berries, coconut creme and cinni:) 

Take a bowl of berries, top with a dollop or two of coconut creme and sprinkle with cinni!

                                                               ”Andrea’s Dictionary” –    ”Cinni” organic cinnimon 

Berries n creme




The date sammy!

An excellent go to snack! 3 ingredients! 

3 pitted Dates

3 Brazil nuts

Ayurvedic herbs ordered from the Chopra center! 

Stuff the dates with the Brazil nuts after rolling in the herbs! Bliss on Earth!Date Sammy


Sour cream “taters”

Ahhh Baby red taters topped with raw vegan coconut sour creme and fresh dill from Pablo, my local farmer!

8-10 taters depending on how many people you are serving

1 bunch fresh dill (toss the stems)

1 container So Delicious brand coconut yogurt (or make your own)

salt and pepper to taste!

Steam the washed taters for 20 minutes top with other ingredients listed above and enjoy!

               Andrea’s Dictionary “taters” baby red skin potatoes



Rockstar juice!

My go to juice when I need to slim down FAST! 

One cucumber

2 granny smith apples

1 lemon with rind

4 stalks of celery

pinch of good salt for my adrenal glands! MMMMM!!!

 Andrea’s Dictionary- “Rockstar” What we are after allowing ourselves to reach our full potential!




Raw chocolate pudding! MMMMM!


A quick tip to help you reach your weight loss goals!

One of the things I do to ward off the “mindless munching temptations” when I’ve clearly made too many raw vegan treats is to Pre-Portion any and all of those tempting Treats! The main way to do this is to portion them out AFTER you have eaten your largest meal of the day! This way you will be full and your mind will be in the right place to do so!

Todays treat that hit the spot were two of my raw vegan “nanna date romaine sammies” I simply pre make the raw vegan gluten free bread by using a mix of bananas, dates and flax and dehydrate! This bread is quite thin! Not like the thick yummy bread I had at my favorite restaurant last night…sigh:( Yet it still really hits the spot and is a much cleaner way to treat myself! I then take a date and a torn piece of romaine lettuce and sandwich it in between the bread pieces!

WALA! A treat made for this raw vegan Queen! Try it and let me know what you think! For more great recipes, detox and beauty tips along with AWESOME videos sign up for my FREE news letter at

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Portion control raw vegan sammie!

Portion control raw vegan sammie!


Andrea never forgets her morning juice!

Andrea never forgets her morning juice!


Cooked or raw? Does eating cooked foods cause weight gain? My top five tips on how to incorporate both & THRIVE!

Ahhh! The controversy over cooked and raw food and are we able to TRULY thrive to our fullest potential eating some cooked food?

After being 100% raw for an entire decade (not even drinking warm tea) I began incorporating small amounts….VERY small amounts of cooked vegan food into my monthly regime. 

What this tends to look like is the picture shown here. A few baked sweet potatoes, homemade vegetable soup, or eggplant and mushrooms over a bed of white rice. Not only do I find them nourishing, but they were also part of the program that took 36 pounds off my body and my clients are able to lean out on this high carb cooked/raw protocol! 

What I don’t believe in is having cooked food every night of the week! Cooked food requires more enzymes to digest and taxes the system while also aging the body! If you are eating cooked food please please do not eat processed foods or packaged foods. You will also want to take a digestive enzyme with every cooked food meal you eat! 

I hope this helps all of you feel better about the food you eat especially those of us dogmatic about eating an ALL raw diet! There is no one shoe fits all approach! What works for you may not work for the next person. I love you and you’re welcome:)

My top tips for eating cooked food while staying mostly raw!

1) Keep it raw during the day! During daylight hours is when we are up and moving around! You want to have as much energy as possible! In order to do this you’ll want to keep it raw! This way, all enzymes are in tact for better digestion!

2) Eat your fruit alone or leave it alone! Enough said! 

3) ALWAYS start a cooked meal with a big raw salad! This will buffer the system so the void of enzyme foods you eat are more easily assimilated!

4) ALWAYS take a digestive enzyme when eating cooked food! This is an absolute must in order to help the food digest!

5) Try to limit your cooked food to 2-3 times per week at the most! This will ensure you are getting OPTIMAL nutrition that the body recognizes the majority of the time!!!

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Andrea's twice baked over stuffed sweet taters!

Andrea’s twice baked over stuffed sweet taters!

Go where you are appreciated, not tolerated! One of the reasons I relocated to California….

If there’s not enough sunshine in your life then it’s up to you to create it!

For far too long I stayed in Ohio where my gifts and talents were not appreciated by others. If you used the words “raw food” in Ohio people thought you meant sushi:) Although I had made it onto the news and on the cover of our newspaper there, many people still found my way of life and the food I ate as weird and strange. After uprooting myself to California 5 years ago I finally can say that I feel I am free to be the woman I’ve always been meant to be!

There is a saying I’ve said for quite some time now “go where you are appreciated, not tolerated!” for me that meant moving to a state where health and well-being was at the forefront! for you it may mean leaving a relationship where your partner isn’t appreciating you or leaving a job that you feel is not your true calling in life. whatever it is I encourage you to go after that one thing that scares you! Begin by planning today! I promise you that you will have no regrets♡♡♡ 
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Andrea shooting her YouTube videos for all of you!

Andrea shooting her YouTube videos for all of you!


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