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Rawlicious Recipes by Andrea Cox.

Five tips to detox daily!


Keeping your body detoxed on a cellular level is an important aspect in maintaining good digestion, a healthy sleep wake cycle and a flowing lymphatic system! It just so happens that Spring time is the perfect time to detox! We are overloaded with toxins on a daily basis! Simply breathing in the air can overload our system and send us into toxic load over drive! I believe that in order to combat these effects we should do at least one thing to detoxify every day and a deeper cleanse such as my Digital Detox at the beginning of every season! Once per year a much deeper week long cleanse such as heading off to a retreat like the ones I offer at my Alkalize with Andrea retreats should be taken on!  
       1.Move the body! Enjoy these tips on how to detox the       body daily! The lymphatic system is at the hub of everything running correctly in the body. It carries lymph fluid and toxins and excretes them through various methods such as the skin and urine. We must move the body daily to assist the lymph system in pumping properly! My suggestion is a brisk one mile walk right upon waking followed by 5-10 minutes on the rebounder. This will assure that everything is flowing properly.
Andrea Cox lunges

Andrea Cox lunges

  1. Got clay? Humic and fulvic acid found in specific types of clay (such as my Evening Formula found here will not only detox you on a cellular level, they will also re mineralize you! 1 heaping TB before breakfast is a great way to cleanse the entire digestive track!dirty water
  1. Drink warm water with lemon and apple cider vinigar upon raising Drinking a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and 2 TB of apple cider vinegar is an EXCELLENT way to cleanse the body! Do this daily upon rising! It will get everything moving in the right direct
  2. lemon water

Eat more fruits and vegetables! Fiber along with antioxadants are SO very important!  Fiber keeps us regular! The best way to get in your daily fiber is by filling up on the good guys first! The good guys” being fruits and vegetables! Stick to fresh organic, locally grown in season fruits and vegetables! Try to eat the majority of these raw! Antioxidants are full of nutrients that actually de age us! Yep! So pack those fruits in! Especially those deep in color such as blueberries!

  1. corn salad
  1. Stay hydrated with fresh green juices and loads of alkaline water! Drinking clean water is one of the best things you can do for your health. I prefer spring water collected from a natural spring. This will flush, flush, flush toxins out of the body! Drink at least half your body weight in water! Green juices sweetened with a small amount of grapes, green apple or pineapple are also extremely hydrating! Pinch a little cinnamon on top to stabilize blood sugar!juice2
    If you are reading this and know someone that can potentially benefit from this, please SHARE this! They will be thankful and so will I!:)
    Andrea L Cox

Raw vegan detox corn salad recipe! GMO-FREE!

My handsome man-pan-ions first course! Raw corn avocado heirloom tomato salad followed by twice baked sweet potatoes saturated with healthy fats! We ended the meal with decadent dark chocolate chunk vegan cookies♡♡♡ A meal fit for a King! A king he is♡

Thank you for the massage today at La Costa baby♡ I love you! 
#love  #organicfood #Whatveganseat #wholefoods #weeatsimply

1 avocado {cubed}

3-4 heads raw {corn shaved off cob}

2 heriloom tomatoes {chopped}

2 cups baby kale

juice of one lemon

one carrot shredded

1/4 Cup broccoli sprouts

A pinch of sea salt

1/2 tsp  black pepper corns

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, toss and top over the baby kale! This can be served alone, on top of baked sweet potatoes or  a side of black beans! Devour without shame or guilt!



Raw corn salad! NON GMO!For more great raw vegan recipes, videos and beauty tips sign up for your FREE Healthy Haven gift pack at Also check out Andrea’s detox retreats at

I’m moving:) An Earth day poem!


Am I moving to Hawaii….Heck no! After running off to Hawaii for eleven fun filled beautiful days I must say I was shocked and quite honestly a bit disappointed. Many of you have e-mailed me asking me if I am moving to the island. The answer is a very strong NO! You see I went away to spend time making a decision that had been weighing on my heart heavily. I thought I would find peace and serenity on the island due to the fact that my mother carried me in her belly there. To be honest with you, After being able to breath through my nose for the first time because of the air quality being SO much better than San Diego’s, I thought for a moment I had found bliss!

Then, within a day, reality set in! As I walked to the gym every morning I was smelling a ton of second hand smoke. My second day there a man at the gym was recommending a free “flu shot” (ugh)! Do people really still buy into that? The traffic was TERRIBLE! I felt like I was being honked at three times the second a red light turned to green! I paid $10 for a small container of lettuce or spinach wherever I went. I later found out that all greens are shipped in! The freshness of them does not hold a candle to what I have available to me in sunny CA!

I think what saddened me the most was the amount of homeless people on the island. They were everywhere! My last day there I took some food down to a man who slept next to a parking garage every night. His name was Fred and he thanked me more times than I could count. I simply could not believe that there aren’t any shelters on the island! Keep in mind I was staying in the wealthiest area in a VERY posh home right on the ocean! Right next door at the park, it was homeless central! I couldn’t help but to think, why do the people with money living there not build a shelter and hire those people to help?

With all the negatives there were some positives. The people in general are extremely nice! I got lost quite a few times and the folks there went out of their way to help me. I also found the water to be almost an angelic sea foam blue color! It was stunningly beautiful and I really enjoyed my ocean swims! 

I was very happy to return home yesterday! Today being Earth day I was inspired to belt out this poem for all of you. It literally took me less than a minute. Enjoy and may we all find peace in this ever growing technology overload government driven society.


Is it crazy to want to run away 
it’s sometimes hard to bear the day 
to find a land without the hustle and bustle 
clean air to breath and no government to muscle 
Is it strange to want to disappear  
to a place where clean air is near 
I feel stronger than the general race 
who lives in fear without a face 
bowing down to this place of control 
our food, our air our very soul 
It’s not my time to break away just yet 
with lives to change goals must be met 
In the end you will see 
this World we live in needs to “be”


Here are a few of my photos from Hawaii!!!

Found the beach:)

Found the beach:)


Cheers to increased health and vitality Aloha style!

Cheers to increased health and vitality Aloha style!


YAY! I made a new friend to show me the ropes on where to find the freshest fruits and vegetables!!!

    YAY! I made a new friend to show me the ropes on where to find the freshest fruits and vegetables!!!




Found the gym!

Found the gym!



I met a fan who follows me on Facebook:)

I met a fan who follows me on Facebook:)


Louis was happy to see I got home ok:)

Louis was happy to see I got home ok:)

I made it YAY! I found the Whole Foods!
I made it YAY! I found the Whole Foods!




It was nice to clear my thoughts in solitude!

It was nice to clear my thoughts in solitude!



I really could not get enough vitamin D!

I really could not get enough vitamin D!


Ahh! Time for a detox bath!

Ahh! Time for a detox bath!



Aloha from Hawaii! I’ve had a “moment of clarity” and would like to share what I have in store for you!


Hey there lovely! I’m sure you are doing FABULOUS drinking your green juice daily, getting yoga in and eating your big salads! I’m here in beautiful Diamond Head Hawaii staying in a gorgeous place on the beautiful blue ocean! I should feel FANTASTIC, right? Well, not exactly.

 You see, I’ve been here once before! I couldn’t walk or even talk at that time. I was in my mothers belly:) My father had brought her to the EXACT location I’m at! I’ve always wanted to visit and when given the opportunity, I jumped at the chance!

 Something has shifted in me since being here the last few days. Something I want to share with all of you. You see, many of you have been messaging me on social media asking “why I’m here”? It struck a cord in me, a wake up call, a “must change moment”!

 Although I love and value EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU that follows me on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I wondered why all of you were so curious about what brought me to this lovely place. This got me thinking about how much I share on social media and… as you know, I share A LOT! Sure you wanted to know! You wanted to know because I share just about EVERYTHING with you!

 I share photos, videos, detox and natural beauty tips along with other important things that help you create a healthier lifestyle. I also share personal photos, how I’m feeling and what has happened during my day! If I’m upset, you know about it before my own mother or boyfriend does!

 For some reason, since arriving in Hawaii this is beginning not to sit well with me any longer. At least what I’ve been sharing up until this point.

 I really feel torn here:( I feel torn because I’ve grown to love ALL of you on this mailing list and all of you that follow me via social media SO much that …well, you all are like family to me! You reach out to me when I am sad, help me with decisions and even send me beautiful art you create (some of you:)

 What I’ve decided to do is to start a membership portion to my website Now you will be able to catch up with me ALL of the time and see everything I do! In turn, I will feel like I still have my online support group/family!

 I’m even going to price it SUPER low the first week (like a buck) for all of you! After that it will go up. I just want all of you to have first dibs! 

 We are looking at 30 days from today at its launch! That being said….will y’all do me a favor? Would all of you go and mark your calendars for that date (30 days from today)! This way you can all hold me accountable for getting it done for you! You all have been SO very good to me! Now, its my turn to give back to you! I promise to have the content back there be EXCLUSIVE just for you!

 WHEW! Now that I’ve got that out of the way…i’m ready to share some of the beauty of this place with you!

 Here are the photos thus far!

My home away from home in beautiful Hawaii!

My home away from home in beautiful HawaiiI made it YAY! I found the Whole Foods!I made it YAY! I found the Whole Food Cheers to increased health and vitality Aloha style!Cheers to increased health and vitality Aloha style!Ahh! Time for a detox bath!

Found the gym!
Found the gym!     
Found the beach:)

Found the beach:)


YAY! I made a new friend to show me the ropes on where to find the freshest fruits and vegetables!!!

YAY! I made a new friend to show me the ropes on where to find the freshest fruits and vegetables!!!

Greens with fresh avocado dill mustard dressing!

Whipped up a Lil late night din din for the “man-pan-ion”smile emoticon I took all his favorites (dill, mustard, avocado) made them into a dressing and baked him a loaded sweet tater:) He only had one bite of the chocolate vegan mouse pie.

I adore having a man in my life who recognizes the importance of a plant based diet!

Dressing serves 4 or 1 very hungry person:)

1 ripe avocado

1 bunch fresh dill stems included

1 container West brae salt free mustard

1 pitted date

2 TB nutritional yeast (optional but loaded with B vitamins)

3 TB hemp seeds

Blend all ingredients in vita mix or blender. Pour over fresh organic preferably local greens and devour!

Spicy dill avocado mustard omega 3 dressing over fresh garden greens by celebrity chef Andrea Cox

Spicy dill avocado mustard omega 3 dressing over fresh garden greens by celebrity chef Andrea Cox

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